Exclusive clip digs into the mystery of “MR. JONES”


Who is MR. JONES? He’s the mysterious creator of bizarre, scarecrow-like effigies whose unhealthy influence threatens the characters in the upcoming docu-style horror movie. We’ve got an exclusive clip to share with you.

In the excerpt, a series of art and history experts (including a curator played by THE THING’s David Clennon and an anthropologist portrayed by Faran Tahir from THOR, ELYSIUM and JINN) discuss the secretive, dangerous nature of Mr. Jones. Written and directed by Karl Mueller, one of the creators of THE DIVIDE, MR. JONES opens May 2 at Los Angeles’ Arena Cinema and then hits DVD, Blu-ray and VOD May 6 from Anchor Bay Films. The synopsis: “Scott [Jon Foster of STAY ALIVE] and Penny [Sarah Jones of SONS OF ANARCHY] just moved to a remote cabin to escape the pressures of the world and breathe new life into their art. They will soon discover they are not alone: an infamously reclusive artist—known only as ‘Mr. Jones’—lives nearby. He doesn’t like to be disturbed, and only comes out at night when he drags his strange, sinister sculptures deep into the woods. When Scott and Penny’s curiosity leads them too close for Mr. Jones’ comfort, he plunges the young couple into a nightmare world of mayhem, madness and mind-bending terror.”


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