Exclusive Clip: Chiller’s “THE MONKEY’S PAW”


Remember that old chestnut “The Monkey’s Paw,” the short story written by W.W. Jacobs basically saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Fango just got its own paw on a clip from a film loosely based on the classic tale, directed by HUSK’s Brett Simmons and starring AVATAR’s Stephen Lang, REMNANTS’ C.J. Thomason, ALIEN 3’s Charles Dutton, CUJO’s Daniel Hugh Kelly and NCIS’ Michelle Pierce. This new horror flick, currently on VOD after a limited theatrical run, will debut in early 2014 on Chiller. In the latest incarnation, Jake Tilton (Thomason) is given a monkey’s paw talisman that grants three wishes. Jake’s life takes a dramatic turn when his friend and co-worker Tony Cobb (Lang) is killed in an auto accident. Jake uses the paw to resurrect Cobb from the dead, but his reanimated buddy isn’t the same person. He becomes evil and twisted (which you will notice in our bloody clip!) and won’t stop his murder spree until Jake grants his wish to reunite him with his estranged son.

In THE MONKEY’S PAW, Lang, who also appears in Marcus Nispel’s upcoming possession flick BACKMASK, gives a memorably intense performance as the psychotic, yet sympathetic Cobb. THE MONKEY’S PAW brings the creepy short story to life with an abundance of style and shocks. Previous versions included a segment in the 1972 TALES FROM THE CRYPT movie, while Stephen King’s PET SEMETARY owes the tale a big debt as well. Watch for more coverage of THE MONKEY’S PAW right here and in the pages of FANGORIA.

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