Exclusive clip and pic: the homebound horrors of “FORECLOSURE”


In a neighborhood that has seen numerous properties get shuttered, one old house has a horrific history that refuses to die. That’s the premise of the upcoming fright film FORECLOSURE, for which we have an exclusive clip and photo to show you.

Coming February 3 to VOD and Feb. 10 to DVD from Virgil Films, FORECLOSURE was written and directed by Richard Ledes and stars Michael Imperioli, Wendell Pierce, Spencer List and Bill Raymond. Here’s the synopsis: “Bill Landopolous, his son Steven and his father-in-law Ray move into the Queens, New York home of their recently deceased relative Cal, who took his own life. The three hope to put their cares behind them and start afresh. But things get off to a shaky start when a local police officer points out all the numerous foreclosures, bank-owned properties and short sales that have depopulated the once-attractive neighborhood he patrols. Will such a desolate street be healthy for these three damaged people?


“At first, moving into the new (old) house turns out to be a tonic for the stressed-out Bill. He cleans out Cal’s rank old refrigerator and spit-shines his business shoes. Bill even manages to tolerate the racist rants of his half-medicated, nearly senile father-in-law. But the rants, which begin as complaints about Bill’s Greek heritage, become an ever-present echo of the past when young Steven, exploring the dank basement, discovers an old black-and-white photograph of a lynching. Soon, Steven and his father and grandfather come to suspect that it’s not just the three of them living in the house.” Check out FORECLOSURE’s Facebook page, and look for on-set coverage of the movie at this site soon.

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