Exclusive clip: Alien terror lurks near “HANGAR 10”


Extraterrestrials are among us, and they’re invading via HANGAR 10 in the sci-fi thriller opening this week. Jump past the jump for an exclusive excerpt.

Directed by SPIDERHOLE’s Daniel Simpson from a script he wrote with Adam Preston, HANGAR 10 (originally titled THE RENDLESHEM UFO INCIDENT in its native Britain) was produced by a team whose credits include ATTACK THE BLOCK, COCKNEYS VS. ZOMBIES, THE AWAKENING, TRIANGLE and SEVERANCE. It arrives in select theaters and on VOD this Friday, November 7 from IFC Films; here’s the synopsis: “33 years after the infamous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, three metal detector enthusiasts hunting for Saxon gold in the same region capture incredible footage of UFOs whilst filming their expedition. As night falls—and with their navigation equipment failing—the trio finds themselves facing a terrifying encounter with an unforgiving alien presence.” Robert Curtis, Abbie Salt and Danny Shayler star.


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