EXCLUSIVE: Charles Band Announces Wizard Studios


Here’s some exciting news coming down the pipeline from legendary producer, director and genre movie mogul Charles Band and his iconic double-decade plus imprint Full Moon Features: the rebirth of the legendary WIZARD Video as the newly minted distribution label WIZARD Studios.

WIZARD Studios is an evolution of Band’s iconic WIZARD Video label, the home video imprint that blazed trails in the early 1980s, bringing the world’s weirdest horror, fantasy and exploitation films to audiences everywhere via big box rental and sell-through VHS. WIZARD Video not only pioneered many concepts in how we watch films, it introduced young audiences to a cavalcade of exciting, erotic, esoteric and avant-garde international genre films and auteurs with such now celebrated pictures as Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE, Meir Zarchi’s I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, Jess Franco’s OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES and A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD and Joe D’Amato’s MONSTER HUNTER (aka ABSURD). Many of these legendary releases are now highly sought after and WIZARD Video maintains a level of myth among serious film culture collectors.

WIZARD Studios, however, is a bit of a different beast; an acquisition program and distribution outfit designed to spotlight rising independent filmmakers and their cutting-edge genre pictures.

Filmmakers are invited to submit their feature length, undistributed films to WIZARD Studios and, after an internal screening process, a new movie will be selected every week to premiere on the WIZARD Studios portal located at FullMoonStreaming.com. Filmmakers will then promote their film and share it with cast, crew, friends and family, encouraging them to sign up for a minimum three month term to FullMoonStreaming.com (a rate of only $18.00). As soon as the filmmaker signs up just 50 people, he or she will automatically receive a $2500.00 advance and WIZARD Studios will additionally distribute the film on DVD and other high profile digital platforms. The filmmaker will then receive an additional 50% of all profit from those sales.

“We’re incredibly excited to re-launch Wizard Studios as a portal to spotlight the best in new genre filmmaking talent,” said Band.

“The spirit of Wizard Video was to always champion films that defied the conventions of the mainstream. We’re thrilled to be able to provide an outlet to do this again, working with filmmakers from the ground up to nurture and support their vision.”

Visit www.Fullmoonstreaming.com/Wizard for details on how you can be part of the new WIZARD STUDIOS cinema streaming and distribution program!


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  • Zoltar

    So pretty much he wants filmmakers to pay to have the movie disitirbuted?

  • Mark

    This is a horrible idea by band. Its a pyramid scheme. First off who is gonna buy these cheap no budget movies made by normal everday people? What like 2the people..also to convince 50 random people to sign up for somethinf that 95% of the world has never heard.of will be close to impossible. Fullmoon is not as good as they used to be. Hell im a longtime fullmoom fan amd i wont even sign up gor there stream crap. Cuz i own all there good films. I think fullmoon is very desperate for money. There doing whatever they can to get monthly income.amd it shows cuz there movies literally have NO BUDGET.

  • Sunray
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