Exclusive: Canuxploitation flicks “MY FAIR ZOMBIE” and “HOMICYCLE” land U.S. distribution


Prolific Canadian indie filmmaker Brett Kelly tackles the undead and biker genres in two of his latest features, and we’ve got the first word that both have been picked up for Stateside release next year.

Camp Motion Pictures let us know that the company has acquired the ghoul musical MY FAIR ZOMBIE (pictured above), which has won awards at Montreal’s HorrorFest and the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, and the violent actioner HOMICYCLE, with plans to give both theatrical bookings followed by DVD/digital debuts in spring/summer 2014. “MY FAIR ZOMBIE is proof that a good concept, in the hands of an experienced and original director, doesn’t require massive budgets,” says Camp’s Paige Davis. “With a fantastically talented cast and crew, Brett has delivered a zombie-classic mashup that could stand alone as either a musical or a zombie film…but is the better for the combination. I was so impressed with ZOMBIE that we signed Brett’s upcoming feature HOMICYCLE on the strength of a pitch and concept art. It’s an entirely different animal—a homage to ’80s biker and street-gang films like THE WARRIORS—that only proves Brett’s range.”


Adds Kelly, “I’ve been a fan of the POPcinema/Camp studio for over a decade, and have known Mike [Raso] and Paige for several years. We’ve discussed independent production and distribution on several occasions, so it’s exciting to finally announce we’ll partner on the release of my two newest films in North America.”

Check out the trailers for both movies below, and look for updates and more news of upcoming Camp releases soon.

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