Exclusive Blu-ray/DVD clip: J.T. Petty talks “HELLBENDERS”


There’s a new gang of exorcists in town: the HELLBENDERS, in J.T. Petty’s outrageous horror/comedy, coming to 3D Blu-ray and other formats tomorrow. We’ve got an exclusive clip of Petty discussing the movie from one of the discs’ bonus features past the jump.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment releases HELLBENDERS in a 3D Blu-ray/2D Blu-ray/digital HD combo pack, and also on DVD with digital UltraViolet. Written and directed by Petty (who discusses the influence of the classic THE EXORCIST in the clip below), the movie stars Clancy Brown and Clifton Collins Jr. as the leaders of a group of rogue priests who indulge in sin, the better to have the advantage when fighting demons that have infiltrated New York City. They face their greatest challenge when a creature from Norse mythology called Black Surtr invades our present and threatens to literally unleash hell on Earth; the cast also includes Andre Royo, Robyn Rikoon, Dan Fogler, Macon Blair, Stephen Gevedon and Larry Fessenden. The discs’ 16×9-enhanced 2.40:1 transfers, accompanied by DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio on the Blu-rays and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound on the DVD, are accompanied by:

• Audio commentary by Petty

• “God’s Dirty Work: The Making of HELLBENDERS” featurette

• “Fly on the Wall” behind-the-scenes featurette

Retail prices are $24.99 for the Blu-ray pack, $19.98 for the DVD.


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