Exclusive Blu-ray art, details: Gerald Kargl’s psychoshocker “ANGST”


As we previously revealed here, the shocking 1983 mind-of-a-maniac study ANGST is making its way to U.S. theatrical and disc release this summer. We’ve now got an exclusive look at the Blu-ray art and all the content details.

Cult Epics releases ANGST, a favorite of current Eurocinema bad boy Gaspar Noé, on Blu-ray and DVD August 18 following its big-screen exposure beginning June 12. Directed by Gerald Kargl and inspired by the case of German multiple murderer Werner Kniesek, the film centers on a psychopath (Erwin Leder) who is released from prison, shares his seriously disturbed thoughts on the soundtrack and spends the better part of the film committing a horrific home invasion. Shot by Oscar-winning filmmaker/animator Zbigniew Rybczynski with music by synth-god Klaus Schulze (a one-time member of Tangerine Dream), ANGST will be presented in its uncut, uncensored version (the tunnel murder scene optically restored), with a new hi-def 1.85 transfer and DTS-HD MA 5.1 Surround sound on the Blu-ray and Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo on the DVD. The extras are:

• Optional playback with or without prologue
• Audio commentary by Kargl conducted by film critic Marcus Stiglegger
• Introduction by Noé (2015)
• “Erwin Leder in Fear” featurette (2015)
• Interview with Kargl by Jörg Buttgeriet (2003)
• Interview with Rybzcynski (2004)
• New HD trailer

The Blu-ray will come in a collectible slipcase and sleeve (see below) and will also include a 40-page booklet containing interviews with Kargl, Leder and actress Silvia Rabenreither and an essay by Carl Andersen, illustrated with rare photos and Werner Kniesek original Kurier articles. Retail prices are $34.95 for the Blu-ray, $29.95 for the DVD; see our previous essay on ANGST here.



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