Exclusive: Bill Moseley talks the Aussie killer-pig film “BOAR”


After appearing in up-and-coming Australian filmmaker Chris Sun’s shocker CHARLIE’S FARM, Fango fave Bill Moseley is back Down Under working with Sun (pictured above) on the latter’s follow-up, the animal-amok movie BOAR. We got a few words from the actor about what sounds like a porking good flick.

Moseley tells Fango that, like the soon-to-be-released OLD 37 (in which he’s brother to Kane Hodder), BOAR has him familially linked to another notable genre-villain star. “I play the stepfather to two teenaged kids; I’ve married an Australian woman, and we’re on a family outing to visit my wife’s brother, who is played by the famous Australian horror actor from WOLF CREEK, John Jarratt. I’m the only Yank in the picture, which is great, because I do a terrible Australian accent! This is kind of a good-guy part, so that goes a little bit against type; I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but I’m a family man, and not a bad guy by any stretch. The bad guy in this film is the boar.”

BOAR also stars Griffin Walsh, Christie Lee Britten, Melissa Tkautz, Hugh Sheridan, Simone Buchanan, Ernie Dingo and Roger Ward and Steve Bisley from the original MAD MAX. “Nathan Jones from MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, who was Charlie in CHARLIE’S FARM, is in it too, so it’s gonna be a pretty exciting movie,” Moseley says. “Chris Sun comes from a background in special effects makeup and props, and he’s put a lot of money into making giant practical pigs [created by Steve Boyle’s SLB FX]—huge razorback boars with big tusks and burning eyes and lots of lust for human flesh.

“What’s also nice,” he continues, “is that I think there are going to be more CHARLIE’S FARMs ahead, so this is, not a detour necessarily, but after DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL and CHARLIE’S FARM, he’s enjoying exploring a bunch of different subgenres of horror. He’s a really good guy, and very prolific—he also recently wrote a novel called ED, basically his version of Ed Gein, so that’s out too, he’s gotten that published. Chris is just a dynamo, and very loyal to Queensland, where he grew up, so we’re shooting there again—that’s where we made CHARLIE’S FARM as well. We’re centered in Gympie, which was an 1800s Gold Rush town and now is an agricultural center of Queensland.

“And then when I come back in September,” Moseley adds, “I’m doing a movie called THE RANCH, which is kind of a modern Western/horror; there’s even an element of CITY SLICKERS in there too. I play a cowboy—another good guy!” See the first teaser for BOAR below, and visit it on Facebook.

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