Exclusive Audio Interview: Peter Strickland talks Jess Franco and “THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY”


British born director Peter Strickland (BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO) is a filmmaker who defies easy categorization. His latest picture is the arty, gorgeously designed, scored and acted surrealist chamber drama THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY. The film is a singular experience; the tender tale of an older woman (Sidse Babett Knudsen), her younger lover (Chiarra Danna) and their volatile sadomasochistic relationship. Here’s a spoiler: there’s a “human toilet.”

Filled with opulent, sensual imagery, DUKE is ostensibly an homage to the obsessive work of Jess Franco, but there’s so many other influences alive inside its delirious running time. And at the end of it all, the film is ultimately purely a Strickland film, as it is both challenging and sensual.

In this exclusive audio interview, Strickland and I sit down for an extensive interview wherein we discuss the film, kinky sex, Jess Franco, Eurosleaze, sexploitation films, music and his very specific style of filmmaking. The interview also includes the gorgeous theme to the film by the band Cat’s Eyes. Enjoy…


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