Exclusive art/comments: “COLLAPSED” creators mark “KANE” as next project


Unstable Ground, the Toronto-based company behind the superior postapocalyptic indie THE COLLAPSED, is developing a film version of the horror novel KANE by Douglas Borton (a.k.a. best-selling author Michael Prescott). Read on for exclusive words and concept art from the project.

The movie, bearing the working title MARK OF KANE, will be produced by COLLAPSED director Justin McConnell and Dread Central journalist Serena Whitney (the two are also scripting) along with Avi Federgreen. Two experienced genre filmmakers, George Mihalka of the original MY BLOODY VALENTINE and BROKEN and THE DEVIL’S CHAIR’s Adam Mason, are on board as consulting producers, while a director has yet to be selected. Here’s the synopsis: “Kane is a force of nature. Walking out of the desert into the dying town of Tuskett, which only 23 people still call home, he has only one purpose: to kill every resident. Relentless, stealthy, and without mercy, Kane won’t stop until every last man, woman and child is nothing but a memory. Soon the surviving townspeople must band together to fight this seemingly unstoppable evil, or die trying. Brutal, action-packed, and most importantly, character-driven, KANE is a thrilling story of survival at any cost.”

McConnell sent along the early concept art by Steve McGinnis, and tells Fango, “Our goal with this adaptation is to be as faithful to the novel as possible, while making the story work as a rollercoaster ride of a film. The one thing we are changing at this point is the title, to MARK OF KANE, simply because there are two other entirely unrelated films called KANE in active development right now, and we want to make sure this one stands out. It’s early days at this point, but we’re already hard at work getting the script ready.”


McConnell also says, “KANE has all the components of a fantastic genre film: great characters, breakneck pacing, a surprising story and an iconic villain. Best of all, it’s all there on the page. Douglas wrote a book over two decades ago that was ahead of its time, and was just waiting to be discovered. I’m looking forward to helping bring this story to a fresh audience.”

The book was first brought to Unstable Ground’s attention by Whitney, who first read it at a very young age and says, “KANE has always strongly resonated with me as one of the most primal and terrifying horror novels I have ever read. It’s definitely a hidden gem that I have always felt deserved a film adaptation. It can revive the classic bogeyman trope.” We’ll keep you informed of further developments!

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