Exclusive: A good, long tease for Ivan Zuccon’s giallo “IN ARTICULO MORTIS”


Italian filmmaker Ivan Zuccon of COLOUR FROM THE DARK and WRATH OF THE CROWS is now delving into the giallo genre with IN ARTICULO MORTIS. He gave Fango the exclusive first look at a lengthy teaser trailer for the movie, which you can see past the jump.

Based on the novel by Michael Segal, who also stars in the teaser and will topline the feature as Dante (a detective with psychic gifts who takes on a killer with the same abilities), IN ARTICULO MORTIS is currently raising funds via Kickstarter. Zuccon tells us he’s looking forward to getting the feature going: “Since WRATH OF THE CROWS, I’ve been away from sets for about four years. I’ve worked a lot as an editor for big-budget TV projects in Italy, and getting back to filming thriller/horror stuff was extremely exciting. I’m sure the audience will love the teaser, and I’m confident we’ll get the budget to complete the movie!”

“This teaser was my first experience in producing something,” Segal says, “and I have to admit that making movies is f**king hard! Fortunately, I had the help and friendship of a group of very professional cast and crew that made it easier. I decided immediately to give the direction of this project to Ivan [having acted in almost all of Zuccon’s films], and without him, all my efforts could have been in vain. IN ARTICULO MORTIS is my first book, and I love the character of Dante so much that I wanted badly to make a movie about him. We’ll be approaching many Hollywood actors to work on this movie, and it’s possible that it will be shot in Atlanta, Georgia.” We’ll keep you informed as the project progresses.

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