EXCL Photos: Victor Matellano’s “VAMPYRES” Remake


Late fantasy filmmaker and artist Jose Larraz’s immortal 1974 British/Spanish  film VAMPYRES stands as one of the landmarks in erotic Eurohorror. Now, Spanish director Victor Matellano has tried  his hand at remaking the film, and FANGORIA has exclusive photos to share!

In the new VAMPYRES, Marta Flich (“FANGORIA Presents” selection OMNIVORES) and Almudena Léon (WAX) take over for the original’s Marianne Morris and Anulka Dziubinska, as a pair of immortal bisexual bloodsuckers living in a looming country manor that lure men and women with promises of orgiastic delights. Of course, many fluids are spilled; ne of them, red. Legendary cult actress Caroline Munro (MANIAC, FACELESS) also stars.

Matellano is the force behind the documentary CLAWING: A JOURNEY THROUGH SPANISH HORROR (previewed in FANGORIA #331). He knows his genre cinema and the potential for deepening the original film’s fascinating and sensual sheen is promising.

Pick up the upcoming FANGORIA #334 to learn more about the new VAMPYRES and in the meantime, check out these lush photos below…

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