EXCL Photos and Rare Stills from “PHANTASM EXHUMED”


Author and Phantasm Archives head, Dustin McNeill has unleashed a comprehensive and in-depth examination and exploration of Don Coscarelli’s beloved, strange beast of a horror series, PHANTASM. Titled PHANTASM EXHUMED, the book is an exhaustive, special glimpse into the films (including the upcoming RAVAGER) that FANGORIA is proud to preview with a slate of exclusive, rare stills, below.

Per official description:

Ready your shovels for Phantasm Exhumed, the first book on the making of the Phantasm franchise. Featuring more than sixty new interviews with cast, crew, effects creators and studio executives, Exhumed takes readers behind the scenes of the franchise that catapulted the Tall Man into the annals of horror iconography. Trace Phantasm’s history from forerunners Jim the World’s Greatest and Kenny & Company through to Phantasm: Oblivion and beyond. Contained within are the classic tales of Phantasm lore along with production stories never before told by the filmmakers. Careful what you look for… you just might find it within this book!


•             An Introduction by Angus Scrimm

•             Exhaustive coverage of the film productions

•             More than 250 rare photographs, many never-before-seen

•             Information on deleted scenes and script changes

•             Unprecedented insights into effects, props & set construction

•             Rare letters, memos and production artifacts

•             Excerpts from Angus Scrimm’s 1977 set journals

•             Sections on Phantasm 1999, the 2005 remake and Phantasm Forever

•             New details and photos from the upcoming Phantasm: Ravager!

•             Tips and tricks for better embalming (just kidding)

PHANTASM: EXHUMED is now available via Amazon. All photos come courtesy of series crewmember Kristen Deem, with the exception of #5 (Michael Baldwin & Reggie Bannister), which was taken by hearse coordinator Guy Thorpe.

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