EXCL Image: Two Men Marooned in “THE ABCs OF DEATH 2”

Excerpted from “E is for Equilibrium” is FANGORIA’s exclusive still from spectrum spanning horror anthology sequel THE ABCs OF DEATH 2. A variety of the visceral, vicious, abject and hilarious, the follow-up to 2012’s education in death features another stellar lineup of globe-spanning and up-and-coming genre filmmakers. “E’s” helmer, Alejandro Brugués falls in both categories.

Having made a great name for himself with the subversive horror-comedy JUAN OF THE DEAD, Cuban director Brugués’ ABCs installment is more universal in theme, but no less playful. A slapstick affair of two men marooned on an island who manage to destroy a saving grace, “E is for Equilibirum” is punchy and as our upcoming interview will reveal, packs a ton of visual information and style in just a few minutes.

THE ABCs OF DEATH 2 is On Demand now and in theaters October 31st from Drafthouse Films and Magnet Releasing. To celebrate the VOD release, producers Tim League, Ant Timpson and the international filmmakers behind the highly anticipated horror anthology sequel will be holding a Live Twitter #DeathParty starting at 10:00 PM ET on Thursday, October 2. Join in the conversation and watch 26 new ways to die along with the creators using the hashtag #DeathParty.



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