“EVIL DEAD 2″ Won’t Come from Remake Director Alvarez


EVIL DEAD 2013 was immensely divisive. Arriving with an anticipation few contemporary horror films have garnered, the result is a total gorefest, delightfully achieved with mostly practical FX. But that does not a film make, despite the accompaniment of often stunning visuals from director Fede Alvarez. Still, it opened both at SXSW and in theaters to an enthusiastic reception, and at the former, Alvarez announced a sequel was already being developed. Months on, following plenty of buzz talk about crossing the reboot’s timeline with the original series and Sam Raimi helming an ARMY OF DARKNESS 2, it seems the redo’s follow-up has stalled.

Speaking to Gorosito, Alvarez’s co-writer Rodo Sayagues reveals, “Look, I’m sorry to tell you this but that movie is not going to happen. EVIL DEAD 2 is not going to happen…We departed from that project many months ago because we preferred to invest in some other things and I have no idea if the producers still want to make it. So the only thing I can tell you about it is we are not part of it now.”

Discussing the crossover concept briefly, he notes, “…that was an idea and actually Sam Raimi is writing the script for ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 now, but we are no longer involved with the EVIL DEAD sequel.”

Forgive me for being optimistic, but this is good news. While not successful, there’s something great in the atmosphere of EVIL DEAD and it will be nice to see if Alvarez and Sayagues can hone their work outside of a series with so much weight/history.

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  • Fray Parabellum

    Great news!

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  • The_Pin_Cushion_Man

    Good riddance. Sam Raimi handed the crown jewel of horror to some unproven YouTube wunderchild. The Evil Dead remake delivered gore, but that’s about all. Zippo on atmosphere and scares. Should’ve given it to James Wan or the Inside team.

  • Angelita Mendoza

    I mean it’s dissappointing that they will not be working on the sequel but like you said, it’s exciting to know that they are working on their own projects. It was an amazing 1st feature for Fede, can’t wait to see more of his work.

  • Ricardo Vargas Andre

    well i for one feel relieved that no evil dead 2 is being developed. I´m one of those that think that half the fun in it is the character of Ash Williams. Without him on the loop the movie is just a gorefest for me and I ike more than just blood and guts in my horror plate.

    Now don´t get me wrong… I think the remake was a really nice try and without a doubt had Ash be in it the movie would´ve become, easily, my all time horror favorite (yeah.. that´s how much I miss the character – not Bruce per se… but the character- in the remake)

    Some things should just be continued or left alone… but re-made outside the bases that made it wonderful?… not for me, sorry.

  • The_Pin_Cushion_Man

    Hey Ricardo….you may want to actually watch Evil Dead 1. Ash is just an ordinary teenager. Not a wise cracking, chainsaw-toting, one-armed superhero like in 2 and 3. Why would you expect such a character in the remake? I ask again, have you seen the original ED 1?

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