Event Report: FANGORIA’s Free “i-LIVED” Screening in NYC!


Despite my natural enthusiasm for any-and-everything FANGORIA, call it company pride or what-you-will, there’s always something exciting about a free FANGO horror screening in New York City. Beyond being a great excuse for this writer to trek into the Big Apple, there is always a dependable feeling that the film that is being screened will be a fun time. That doesn’t always mean we’re going to be something genuinely terrifying or shocking, but any flick that goes through Tony Timpone’s vetting process usually winds up being a lot of fun, usually with an appreciative audience. And considering the rising costs of theaters and the desperation of exhibitors for profitable content, the chance to go to the theater with an audience full of fright fans is a welcome opportunity.

Luckily, the film screening at last Monday’s FANGORIA event, sponsored by XLrator Media, is i-LIVED, the latest from MANIAC (2012) director Franck Khalfoun, and which lived up to the fun standards set by previous XLrator screenings. But more on that in a minute; after all, what are these event reports for if not for the journey before the destination?

Even though this writer had intended on going to the i-LIVED screening anyways, I took the mantle of host after learning Tony Timpone would unfortunately not be able to attend. And for those who know how an afternoon commute from New Jersey to NYC can be, traveling can essentially be a gamble; a matter of ten minutes could be the difference between an open highway and gridlock traffic. So imagine my surprise when passing the Cinema Village 90 minutes before showtime in seeing that a line had already begun to form for the screening, a good omen if there ever was one. And after stopping for a quick dinner and picking up a rather awesome PUMPKINHEAD shirt at Forbidden Planet, this writer returned to the theater to see the line almost reaching the end of the block, with more lined up on the other side.


20 minutes before showtime, we opened the doors and the fans raced into the theater, showing up for the film in force. It was a great turnout, all of whom seemed to share my excitement for the consistently fun FANGORIA screenings. And shortly before the film began, this writer took the stage, sharing some information about the film as well as other upcoming FANGORIA NYC horror screenings as well as the work of director Franck Khalfoun and FANGORIA’s International Online Film Festival. But with fans waiting patiently, this writer wrapped up his introduction and following the trailer for AMNESIAC, i-LIVED rolled onto the screen.

Personally speaking, this writer found i-LIVED to be more than satisfying, providing a fun, mischievous tale of corruption and evil in the digital age. With a cast of relative unknowns, there’s a fresh sense of discovery throughout the film, providing a new framework for even the most familiar Faustian elements. And it seemed that the horror hounds at the screening felt the same way as well, sharing laughs, gasps and cheers throughout the flick.

By the time the film reached its bloody climax, i-LIVED set the audience abuzz with chatter, making it another fun and frenzied FANGORIA screening. For those who couldn’t make the i-LIVED screening, do not fret: the film is still playing in select theaters and on VOD from XLrator media, so you can see the tech-based terror on your own accord. Special thanks to everyone who came out to i-LIVED, especially following the hectic holiday weekend, and FANGORIA looks forward to seeing you bloody NYC fright fans at ALLELUIA tonight!

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