Enter the “GARDEN OF HEDON” with “CLOWNS” director; exclusive photos, comments, Blu-ray info


Indie filmmaker Kevin Kangas, the man behind the FEAR OF CLOWNS movies, is releasing his freaky fright feature GARDEN OF HEDON on Blu-ray this month. He gave Fango the complete specs for the disc, plus a couple of exclusive pics and words on the movie.

GARDEN OF HEDON opens with a man named Owen (Richard Cutting) waking up in a room next to the body of a dead woman, with no memory of how he got there or even any clue where he is. Trying to find help, he instead finds himself in the middle of a bizarre party rife with sex, drugs—and more murders. “GARDEN is an experimental little movie that’s like a cross between the good 10 minutes of EYES WIDE SHUT—the mansion masquerade—and a supernatural thriller,” Kangas tells us. “It’s sort of like a giallo mixed with the fantastique—but it has some great gore and a new ‘monster’ that I guarantee everyone’s gonna love. It feels very Gothic; we shot at an actual castle for four nights.”


The movie also stars Danielle Lozeau, John C. Bailey, Carl Stevens, Manuel Poblete, Beau Peregino, Leanna Chamish (pictured above right) and Andrew Ely as “The Servant” (pictured below, killing actor Rob Dimension). The Blu-ray, which is set for release February 24 and available for pre-order at Kangas’ website and Amazon.com, will be jam-packed with special features:

• Audio commentary by Kangas, co-writer/producer Luke Theriault and producer Robert Ziegler
• 10 making-of featurettes
• Isolated music track
• Teaser/trailers
• Slide show
• Easter eggs

And more! “I think people are going to be surprised by this film,” Kangas says, “not only by its look—we shot with the RED hi-def camera—but by the quality of acting. Everybody is great in this flick across the board, and Danielle especially is someone to watch. She’s got a great future ahead of her, and I absolutely couldn’t have picked a better actress to play Maria. The makeup effects were created by Jason Koch and Kaleigh Brown of Aftermath FX Studio, and they’ve done some great gory work.”

Kangas also recently issued FEAR OF CLOWNS 2 on Blu-ray; click here for info on that, and to read more about all of his projects, check out the official website of Kangas Kahn Films.


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