Eli Roth’s Cannibal Film, “THE GREEN INFERNO”, Opening September 2014


Horror fans anticipating Eli Roth’s return to directing can now set their sights on a date. His latest, the Amazon cannibal film, THE GREEN INFERNO will hit wide from Open Road Films on September 5, 2014.

Recalling the gruesome and notorious Italian-centric 70s subgenre, THE GREEN INFERNO concerns a team of student activists who travel to the Amazon Rain Forest with hopes of saving it from deforestation. They’re met with disaster on the return trip when their small plane goes down and they’re held captive by a tribe of cannibals in the intensely isolated region.

THE GREEN INFERNO world premiered at this past fall’s Toronto International Film Festival to divisive (as per usual for Roth) reaction, which extended to Austin’s Fantastic Fest where I caught up with it. The movie is a blast, incredibly colorful and gruesome, but without the truly nasty spirit of something like CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. While that’s a great, influential film (one that still disturbs me), Roth’s intent is not to copy it, but inject his own filmmaking personality into a niche of film that’s rarely recalled (and eventually honored in a great bit in the end credits). It’s a gross-out good time, with a nihilistic bent.

For more on THE GREEN INFERNO, read our Phil Brown’s review out of TIFF. [The Wrap]

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