Eli Roth Out, “NATIONAL TREASURE” Director In for “MEG” Adaptation


Although Eli Roth had spent a good length of 2015 attached to an adaptation of Steve Alten’s prehistoric shark novel MEG, there was a healthy skepticism as to whether the blockbuster-averse filmmaker would see the project to production. Alas, Deadline has dropped an exclusive report today that not only has Roth bowed out of the director’s chair for MEG, but Warner Brothers & Chinese financier Gravity are moving ahead with NATIONAL TREASURE filmmaker Jon Turteltaub as his potential replacement.

While the reason for Roth’s exit remains unclear, the choice of replacement and the massive budget attached to the film likely points to the film’s PG-13 rating. Roth told FANGORIA that there would be more checks and balances for MEG than his previous productions, and with JURASSIC WORLD’s huge success in 2015- teamed with Turteltaub’s comparably tame filmography- one might wonder if the MEG producers expect something less visceral and violent than what Roth normally brings to the table. However, that would merely be speculation for the time being; for all we know, the Dean Geogaris-penned script for MEG could be a shockingly brutal affair that is practically guaranteed to make it’s money back from international audiences alone. In any case, MEG is moving forward, and should Turteltaub take the helm, the film could finally sink its teeth into theaters after 20 years of development hell sooner rather than later; stay tuned here at FANGORIA.com for more!

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