Eerie First Teaser, Poster: Walls Talk in “DEEP DARK”

A classic “careful what you wish for” horror story is set up in the squalid, eerie first teaser for Michael Medaglia’s DEEP DARK. 

Produced by Vitamin M and Polluted Pictures, the latter of which includes LOVE SICK director Todd Freeman, DEEP DARK is  about “a failed sculptor who finds a strange, talking hole in the wall. The hole has the power to fulfill his wildest dreams, or it just might become his worst nightmare.”

Denise Poirier, likely best known as the voice of ÆON FLUX, speaks for the wall in DEEP DARK. She says, I’ve always loved voice work, and working on DEEP DARK was especially challenging, but also incredibly fun. I mean – how does one put together a character description for a sinister voice in the wall? With the Deep Dark team at the helm, it was an easy thing to do. They were so fun to be in the room with, and purely professional. The recording studio felt like a creative and nurturing space.  I really haven’t had that much of a good time working on a project in years.”

DEEP DARK is currently in post production. For more, visit its official site.


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