Drafthouse’s “MS. 45” and “THE VISITOR” Blu-ray/DVDetails revealed


Return to the glory days of late-’70s/early-’80s genre fare with THE VISITOR and MS. 45 (pictured), which Drafthouse Films brought back to theaters over the past several months and will issue on disc in March in conjunction with Cinedigm. Read on for the full specs, along with the cover art.

THE VISITOR, an utterly insane 1979 sci-fi/horror/fantasy combo directed by Michael J. Paradise (a.k.a. Giulio Paradisi) and produced by Ovidio G. Assonitis (of MAN FROM DEEP RIVER, BEYOND THE DOOR and TENTACLES fame), combines the alien and evil-child genres. John Huston, Lance Henriksen, Glenn Ford, Mel Ferrer, Franco Nero, Shelley Winters and Sam Peckinpah star in the film, which streets March 4. MS. 45, Abel Ferrara’s 1981 follow-up to DRILLER KILLER, arrives March 25 and stars the late Zoë Tamerlis (a.k.a. Zoë Lund) in a captivating performance as a young rape victim who picks up the titular gun and sets out to avenge herself upon New York City’s population of sleazy males. Both movies will be presented on DVD and Blu-ray widescreen; special features are:

• Interviews with Henriksen, screenwriter Lou Comici and cinematographer Ennio Guarnieri
• Theatrical trailer
• 16-page booklet
• Digital download option

MS. 45
• Interviews with Ferrara, composer Joe Delia and creative consultant Jack McIntyre
• ZOË XO and ZOË RISING, two short films about Lund by AMERICAN HARDCORE director Paul Rachman
• Theatrical trailer
• 32-page booklet featuring essays by Lund, Ferrara biographer Brad Stevens and HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN author Kier-la Janisse
• Digital download

Retail prices for each are $27.95 for the DVD, $29.95 for the Blu-ray. Check out the trailers for both films below the art.


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