“DRACULA UNTOLD” Official Trailer: From Monster to Antihero to Superhero?


Conceived as an origin story for the legendary monster and most iconic vampire of all, DRACULA UNTOLD has developed into a tale of sacrifice by the prince who would become Dracula. The first trailer for the film previews such a story, one of loss and battle and tragedy, but as the poster did before it, also evokes modern blockbusters and superheroics in its Gothic process.

Ed. Note: You may have seen this post earlier in the week, when the trailer unofficially leaked. The official release is here and the clip can now be seen by everyone.

What looks an undeniably stylish feature debut for Gary Shore (see his previous ad work here), there’s no shortage of flashes that may give more hardened horror fans pause. In the film, Luke Evans plays the Transylvanian prince who risks eternal damnation to save his family from certain death. But for all of the Mignola-esque climb to meet his monstrous maker, there’s the entirely hokey fist-to-the-ground controlling of bats, as well as his transformation to a storm of Bats, which reads far more superhero than supernatural.

To be fair, we’re still yet to see what might be the film’s most exciting aspect: Samantha Barks as Russian folklore witch Baba Yaga.

DRACULA UNTOLD is in theaters October 17, 2014. [iTunes]

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  • Agent HUNK

    a big flop indeed

  • Calibraexis

    Awful! Who thought this would be a good idea? Tell the story of the REAL MAN! But hollywood is not capable of making a story like that without messing it up! Dismal.

  • James Arthur Zimmerman

    hey we both have the same last name, love what you do jealous too always wanted to work in horror!

  • Ernie Prado

    with out being able to see the clip I can’t comment on the film itself. But the poster just reminds me of I Frankenstein which I avoided like the plague

  • http://filmcutting.com/ Film Cutting

    I’m interested in seeing this.

  • jv

    this movie looks like crap not interested.

  • SaZiRi

    Vampires, werevolves, zombies, vampires, werevolves, zombies… Can we please evolve to new horror icons every now and then? Please?
    And yes, it looks like crap.

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  • LatashaWelch

    After following the legendary Vlad the impaler this is a new change around.

  • memel

    Awful! A silly movie to gain money, with a lit of CGI and no substance. I’m sick of these films that look more like videogames.
    Luke is handsome but he’s not so good to “hold” a movie.

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