“DRACULA” Perched In New Poster for Icon’s Origin Story


This October, Universal brings a new iteration of arguably its most classic monster to life. Luke Evans stars in DRACULA UNTOLD, which aims to be an origin story of the Transylvanian prince who would become the iconic vampire, Count Dracula. Our first look at the film comes in the form of a poster that’s very much in line with modern tentpole filmmaking: brooding, grey and without much context, could very well be for a superhero. 

Is there a hero-ification of Dracula happening here? Previous reports and rumors suggested Universal was developing upcoming monster films as to share a universe, which Marvel has very much set a precedent for. That’s not even to mention how Batman-esque this whole pose is. Here’s hoping for a little more Gothic, and a little less Gotham.

DRACULA UNTOLD is in theaters October 17, 2014. Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon and Samantha Barks (as Russian folklore witch Baba Yaga!) star. Keep an eye on Fango for much more in the film in the coming months. [Yahoo!]


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  • rogerdesroches

    Can they do better than the opening sequences of Coppola’s Dracula ?

  • daniel clavette

    Yes it is better the coppola dracula and dracula untold is going to best dacula movies in many years.

  • Richie

    This looks awesome but I have to confess I’m beyond weary of the “hero-ification” of Dracula. The trend of turning him into some moony-eyed, brooding, romantic lost soul/fallen angel type who spends eternity looking for the reincarnation of his lost love… Ick. C’mon, that sounds like a blurb on a “Twilight” book dust cover. I miss the days when Dracula was an out-and-out villain – the Prince of Darkness. Stoker’s character was cunning, clever, seductive, brutal, savage, wicked, arrogant. I understand that this new film will incorporate the Vlad the Impaler legend and try to blend the two (as Coppola’s Dracula did). And ole Vlad was, for as savage and cruel as he could be, also a hero to his countrymen, equally feared and revered by many. By necessity, they’ll have to make him a sympathetic character. But it would make me happy if he started out sympathetic only to end up the vicious, proud Lord of the Vampires I remember with fondness, rather than the weepy, just-needs-the-love-of-the-right-woman-to-redeem-him wimp he’s portrayed as lately.

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