Double Take Comics Plan “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” Compilation Paperbacks!


Over the past year, Double Take Comics has been invading the world of zombie horror with a ten-book comic run that spanned the gauntlet of a zombie invasion. We’re not talking about one comic book with ten issues, but literally, ten separate storylines, all of which centered around one outbreak. Ranging from superheroes to G-men to just plain dumb teenagers tripping over their own feet, each story revolves around George A. Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD universe and provides different perspectives on the same gruesome event.

Unfortunately, with such an expansive world, many readers might find themselves left by the wayside as they try to catch up to the current stories. Well fear not, dear fiend! Double Take will be releasing their first round of graphic novels for you to chew over.

Hitting shelves on September 28th, the release will feature five books from the ten book launch: “Slab,” about a doctor whose experiments take a morbid turn; “Soul,” where Barb from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD finds herself with a group of survivors; “Medic,” about a hospital over-run with the dead; “Honor,” a tale that proves that cops and zombies don’t mix; and “Rise,” the curious tale of Johnny Ozarowski at midnight. The graphic novels will feature new art corrections, edits, and Easter Eggs for those who were finicky about the single issues.

With each billed at 10 bucks a pop, they certainly won’t leave a dent in your wallet. Keep any eye out at your local comic shop!

About the author
Svetlana Fedotov http://facebook.com/vladkicksass

Svetlana Fedotov hails from the wild woods of the Pacific Northwest. She loves horror and comic books, and does her best to combine those two together at any cost. She also writes for the horror site Brutal as Hell and sometimes for the magazine Delirium. Svetlana has recently released her first novel, Guts and Glory, under the pen name S.V. Fedotov on Amazon digital.

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