Director Shawn Burkett’s “DON’T F*CK IN THE WOODS” sees worldwide distro in 2018, exclusive “BETSY” trailer premiere


Shawn Burkett’s DON’T F*CK IN THE WOODS made a gruesome round on the film fest circuit, scoring a premiere with FearNYC back in October 2016 and peaked at #44 on IMDB’s Starmeter. Due to its successful run, many companies were grappling at the chance to release the project on a worldwide basis, with Gravitas Ventures/Cyfuno Ventures to come out on top of the pack. For those unfamiliar, DFITW was directed by Shawn Burtkett, produced by Chris Gierowski, and stars Brandy Mason (PLAN 9), Brittany Blanton (60 SECONDS TO DIE) and Nadia White (KILLER CAMPOUT). You can see the official trailer HERE! Keep an eye out for its release in early 2018!

With the news of the DFITW success, comes even more good news for Concept Media fans. Shawn and his team are hard at work on BETSY which stars: Kelci C. Magel, Josh Miller, Marylee Osborne, Joe Kidd, Justin Beahm and Payton Krebs.

Check out the sinister synopsis for BETSY:

After surviving a vicious assault in the city, Betsy moves to the country in hopes of starting over, but as she begins to recover, something begins clawing its way into the moonlight.

We have a treat for FANGO readers with an exclusive trailer! Check it out below:

We’ll update readers as we receive more information. In the meantime, keep up to date with BETSY via Facebook.

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