“DANGEROUS MEN” (Blu-ray Review)


In many ways, the Alamo Drafthouse brand has become a safe harbor for the odd, obscure and altogether ostracized film. While the Drafthouse Films distribution model has offered high-class art film, transgressive foreign fare and excursions into the absurd, Drafthouse locations around the country have hosted unique repertory screenings of classic and cult titles that can’t be found at your local multiplex. Yet nothing quite compares to how Drafthouse has help reinvigorate the “midnight movie” model, and by reintroducing films like MIAMI CONNECTION, ROAR and DANGEROUS MEN to the world, Drafthouse has helped cement a new legacy for insane and incompetently-made cinema otherwise lost in time.

While DANGEROUS MEN is ultimately not as passionate or as lively as MIAMI CONNECTION or ROAR, the film is definitely a cult title if there ever was one. Akin to THE ROOM, DANGEROUS MEN takes place in a world much like our own, but alas, there’s something inhuman and weird about every aspect, from the action to the dialogue to even the sound design. The unintentional comedy factor is certainly there, but the truly appealing aspect of DANGEROUS MEN comes in the film’s production: just how in the hell did this film get made?

Luckily, the new Blu-ray of DANGEROUS MEN from Drafthouse Films and MVD Entertainment has an answer for you, as well as the film itself in high definition. A region-free release, DANGEROUS MEN surprisingly looks great on Blu-ray, even if the film stock itself assures that you’re not going to be getting gold standard visuals. Meanwhile, the film’s bizarre synth-laden score and even stranger sound design comes in exceptional clarity via the film’s Dolby Digital sound mix.


However, the Blu-ray of DANGEROUS MEN does provide a solid array of special features, courtesy of the Drafthouse team. Those looking for answers behind the film’s multi-decade production and weird logic lapses will find many in “That’s So Rad,” an extensive documentary on DANGEROUS MEN through the eyes of those who rediscovered the film. Digging into the mysterious background of the film’s director John S. Rad, debunking urban legends about the film and chronicling its rise into cult status, “That’s So Rad” is effortlessly compelling while painting a picture of Rad that’s fair and candid.

The DANGEROUS MEN Blu-ray also carries some other excellent extras as well. This release features a rare interview with John S. Rad with a local public access station, a slow-paced but informative interview with DANGEROUS MEN director of photography Peter Palian and an audio commentary with DESTROY ALL MOVIES authors Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly. DANGEROUS MEN also comes with a theatrical trailer as well as a DVD, Digital Copy and a booklet featuring the only-documented full length interview with Rad.

Overall, DANGEROUS MEN’s recommendation depends on your tolerance for weird cult cinema: if you can barely put up with unconventionally appealing titles, there certainly are better ones to be found, but if you’re tastes are insatiable, DANGEROUS MEN will do the trick. And with the film sporting a solid AV transfer and engaging extras, fans of the film won’t regret spending more time with DANGEROUS MEN.

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