Cult Epics Founder Boards International Horror Label “Reel Gore Releasing”!


For fans of extreme horror cinema, there’s few labels that are as reputable as Cult Epics, releasing the celebrated works of such transgressive fright filmmakers as Jorg Buttgereit, Gerald Kargl and more. Now, Cult Epics founder Nico B. is looking beyond just past genre gems, as he will be joining producer Steve Aquilina to launch a brand new horror label this summer to provide gorehounds with the latest in stomach-turning scare fare: Reel Gore Releasing!

Kicking off this August, Reel Gore Releasing (via CAV) will be bringing new splatter flicks from around the globe to the U.S., both via specialty video releases as well as VOD. The first film in their slate is Luigi Pastore’s cult property reboot VIOLENT SHIT: THE MOVIE, featuring a 3-Disc release that includes the soundtrack from Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin! The rest of Reel Gore Releasing’s current schedule includes German giallo throwback MASKS from GERMAN ANGST filmmaker Andreas Marschall, which will be landing this September, followed by CONTAMINATION filmmaker Luigi Cozzi’s newest macabre movie BLOOD ON MELIES’ MOON in October, which sports appearances from Dario Argento & Lamberto Bava.

As a fan of Cult Epics’ vision and releases, Nico B.’s seal-of-approval means that these ultra-gory films just jumped towards the top of my “must-see” list this summer. Will they be for everybody? Probably not, especially from those faint-at-heart. But if you miss the days of exploitation sleaze and paint-colored blood, keep Reel Gore Releasing on your radar: you can follow their Reel Gore’s horror happenings at their official site, Facebook, and Twitter.


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