Crippling sleep paralysis dwells in grim, new horror film “DEAD AWAKE”


From director Phillip Guzman, DEAD AWAKE stars Jocelin Donahue (THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL) as a social worker who gets lost in a dark situation when investigating several bizarre deaths – all of the victims have died from sleep paralysis. This case is not like any other, and the nightmarish happenings will prove that the sleep condition isn’t the only thing to be feared. 

Read the sinister synopsis below:

Dead Awake centers on Kate Bowman (Jocelin Donahue), a young woman who discovers an ancient evil stalking people who suffer from sleep paralysis.  As Kate finds herself besieged by this terrifying entity, she teams up with a local artist (Jesse Bradford) to try and stop it. With a skeptical doctor (Lori Petty) questioning her sanity, Kate turns to an eccentric expert on sleep disorders (Jesse Borrego) who opens her mind to the horrifying truth: Kate has unwittingly opened the door for this evil to enter our world and has put the lives of her friend Linda (Brea Grant), her father (James Eckhouse), and everyone else close to her in danger.

DEAD AWAKE explores the dreadful phenomenon known as sleep paralysis and its debilitating symptoms. This unnerving film takes the concept a step further and compounds the already grim situation with supernatural forces.

The film creeps into theaters and on VOD today May 12th, but we have a treat for fright fans with a new eerie clip from the film to get the horror vibes flowing! You can purchase tickets to see DEAD AWAKE HERE or catch it on VOD HERE!

Before you head out to watch the full movie, check out the torturous new clip below:

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