This April 20th – or, ahem, 4/20 – FullMoonStreaming.com goes Ganja bringing Charles Band’s 1996 blackly comic freak show HEAD OF THE FAMILY back in rotation in a newly retrofitted “Ganja Version”, streaming for FREE and giving fans the chance to win wild prizes and have fun getting interactive with the feature. In honor of this stoned-out redux, the lads and ladies at Full Moon have given FANGORIA a brand new, limited edition “RE-ANIMATION BLADE” doll to give away to a presumably less blotto fan. Wanna find out how? Read on!

To win this glowing green replica of PUPPETMASTER’s greatest killer, go to www.FullMoonStreaming.com and search for the secret FANGO friendly clue. Email your findings to chris@fangoria.com with your name and address. The winner will be chosen at random.

And be sure to watch the Ganja Version of HEAD OF THE FAMILY for FREE this Sunday! The feature is far-out enough, but the new Ganja Version is a movie viewing experience unlike any other, enabling the hopefully less sober set to play along with the film as they watch. As the movie plays, special messages will appear on the screen.  Read them to learn useful behind-the-scenes facts, trivia, and anecdotes directly from the movie’s cast and crew. Also, be on the lookout for bonus movie scenes featuring the buxom Mindy Robinson as she offers her unrated and uncensored take on the film. So spark up and feed your head with HEAD OF THE FAMILY: GANJA VERSION for FREE only available here.


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