Complete details! Scream Factory’s jam-packed “PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE” two-disc Collector’s Edition


Shout! Factory just confirmed the final contents of its Scream Factory Collector’s Edition of Brian De Palma’s cult classic PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, and there’s so much stuff it takes two discs to hold ’em. Read on for all the goodies!

Shout! releases PHANTOM on August 5 as a Blu-ray/DVD combo, with a new high-definition widescreen transfer. William Finley stars as betrayed and disfigured songwriter Winslow Leach, and Paul Williams (who also wrote the Oscar-nominated song score) is Swan, the devilish record impresario against whom Leach seeks vengeance. The extras are spread out across the two discs:

• New audio commentary by stars Jessica Harper, Gerrit Graham and the Juicy Fruits (Archie Hahn, Jeffrey Comanor and Harold Oblong, a.k.a. Peter Eibling)
• New audio commentary by production designer Jack Fisk
• New interview with De Palma (36 minutes)
• New interview with Williams about the music of PHANTOM (30 minutes)
• New interview with makeup FX wizard Tom Burman discussing the Phantom helmet

• PARADISE REGAINED documentary on the making of the film featuring De Palma, producer Edward R. Pressman, Finley, Williams, Harper, Graham and more (50 minutes)
• Interview with Williams moderated by Guillermo Del Toro (72 minutes)
• Interview with costume designer Rosanna Norton (10 minutes)
• New interview with Pressman (15 minutes)
• New interview with drummer Gary Mallaber (15 minutes)
• New “Alvin’s Art and Technique,” a look at the neon poster (15 minutes)
• New “PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE Biography by Gerrit Graham,” 1974 publicity sheet written by and read by the actor (8 minutes)
• Alternate takes (40 minutes)
• Swan Song outtake footage (10 minutes)
• Radio spots
• TV spots
• Theatrical trailer
• Still gallery

All this retails for just $29.93, and you can pre-order it for just $21.95 at Shout!’s website; those who do so get an exclusive 18 x 24” poster featuring the newly commissioned artwork (while supplies last)!


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  • Harlan Roberts

    Upholstery…one of my favorite songs ever!

  • Ernie Prado

    Awesome, this will be the first disc I pick up by scream factory. I have been meaning to buy something from them, so far every thing they have released I already own ( I am not fond of double dipping) but I will make an exception on this release.

    Phantom of the Paradise is one of my favorite movies,still have the soundtrack that was released by A&M records.

  • Wayne Cohn

    I saw this movie when it first came out. I love this movie! BEEF LIVES AGAIN!!

  • Dave Brown

    Jesus, this thing is loaded!!!! I can’t wait. Huge DePalma and Phantom fan. I have the import of the French special edition blu ray and while this sounds like it’s re-using some of that edition’s special features, it sounds like there’s enough new stuff to warrant a double dip. Hope the transfer is better too.

  • https://twitter.com/InaMaibach Kommerzschlampe

    Hm. Why was my “I’m so happy right now!” marked as spam? This is one of my favourite films and I’m truly excited about the bonus material.

  • Lazer-Lion

    my mom loves this movie, I gotta get it the minute it comes out

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