[Comic-Con ’14] Scream Factory Announces Ten Titles, Including More Carpenter and Romero

At the currently ongoing San Diego Comic-Con, Shout! Factory’s panel held a surprise for fans of their cult-minded offshoot Scream Factory: The announcement of ten new titles coming to Blu that run the gamut from stone cold genre classics to neglected little fan favorites. Find the full list, below. 

The following message is from Facebook. What are you most looking forward to?

We just announced the following upcoming Scream Factory blu-ray releases at our Comic Con panel this evening. Here’s the exciting line-up!

1. The Dark Half
2. Monkey Shines
3. Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh
4. Scarecrows
5. Phantom of the Opera
6. New Year’s Evil
7. Invaders from Mars
8. Dolls (Collector’s Edition)
9. Mad Max (Collector’s Edition)
10. Escape From New York (Collector’s Edition)

We have no details to report on this time other than that Dolls, The Dark Half and Monkey Shines are slated for November 2014 street dates and the rest will land in 2015.

We have more to reveal for 2015 so keep your eyes peeled here for updates throughout the Fall.

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