“CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH” Vinyl Set for Release


Classic Troma splatter-toon CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM high is a vintage piece of un-PC ’80s mayhem and as such, boasts an amazing soundtrack, the likes of which contains great pop tunes, some of which are performed by beloved band The Smithereens. Problem is, it’s never had an official release!

The Ship to Shore Phonograph Company aim to rectify that, having announced that the NUKE ‘EM HIGH soundtrack will finally get that official release, something fans have been waiting for since 1986.  In conjunction with Troma, Ship To Shore have collated the glorious ’80s anthems that made the soundtrack such a highly demanded item, and will release it to the public on magnificently thick 180g vinyl!  The LP is now available for pre-order here and will street on November 11, 2014.

Featuring artwork by Godmachine, the soundtrack will be limited to 1,000 copies. 700 copies will be on high quality 180 gram black vinyl, and 300 on special “Dewey’s Meltdown” splattered vinyl. Each song has been meticulously remastered for optimum stereophonic listening pleasure, so fans can now enjoy them the way the artists intended.

Other features include liner notes from director and Troma-mogul/mascot Lloyd Kaufman and theme song composer Ethan Hurt, never-before-seen production stills and behind-the-scenes production photos from the movie and an MP3 download of the full album. For an exclusive sampler of the album, head here.

The album can only be ordered directly from the Ship To Shore Media webstore, and due to its limited run, it is expected to sell out fast!

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