Christy Carlson Romano talks Wes Craven’s “GIRL,” web series “THE GET”


Best known to former and current kids for Disney vehicles like EVEN STEVENS and voicing KIM POSSIBLE’s animated heroine, actress Christy Carlson Romano has also dabbled in the horror genre, and is doing so again in a pair of projects she discussed exclusively with Fango.

We met up with the actress at New Jersey’s Chiller Theatre convention this past weekend, where she first addressed her part in THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS, on which Wes Craven is executive producer. Nick Simon is directing from a screenplay he wrote with Robert Morast and Oz Perkins (a.k.a. Osgood Perkins—son of PSYCHO legend Anthony Perkins—with whom Simon also co-scripted his previous fright feature REMOVAL and the Bryan Cranston thriller COLD COMES THE NIGHT). The film, which marks cinematographer and former John Carpenter collaborator Dean Cundey’s return to the scare genre, is set in a South Dakota town where a pair of serial killers have been leaving photographs of a local girl at the scene of their crimes. Kal Penn co-stars as a celebrity photographer who grew up in the neighborhood and returns with a bevy of models to shoot an ad campaign inspired by the slayings.

“I’m very excited about this film,” Romano tells us. “I’ll be shooting that next week in Vancouver. I have a very small part, but I’m really looking forward to working with Nick Simon. He seems like he has a lot of potential as a horror-movie director, and it’s the kind of film that has the possibility to be visually breathtaking. There are elements to it that are almost like IT FOLLOWS; it’s got a very similar vibe.”

Romano is reticent to reveal too much about her role at this point: “I want to keep everything very secret, because I think the reason they wanted me to be in it is that you think my character is going to be a very specific type of person who may live longer, may live shorter, and I don’t want to create any confusion about whether I’m gonna live. I don’t know if Wes is going to be on set or not; I haven’t actually met him yet. I think we were supposed to see him at a table read in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t get to meet him there, so hopefully he’ll be around while I’m shooting.”

Romano’s previous sojourns in the fright field include INFECTED and the direct-to-video sequel MIRRORS 2, and she’ll be drawing on those experiences for an upcoming project she gives us the scoop on: the web series THE GET. “I’m starring in that as a character who is basically myself,” she reveals. “It’s kind of like THE COMEBACK with Lisa Kudrow, where I’m doing small-budget horror movies, like I’ve done in the past, to sort of pay the bills, and I want to try to do something that’s groundbreaking and really interesting. But at the same time, as a lot of people know, doing small-budget films takes a lot of passion, and it’s sometimes very hard. It’s a crazy world, and sometimes you meet people who have very extreme, eccentric personalities. So you’re talking about a very rich world to draw from.” We’ll have more details on THE GET very soon!

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