Chris Alexander’s “QUEEN OF BLOOD” to World Premiere in Phoenix


Fango editor Chris Alexander’s microbudget expressionist horror film QUEEN OF BLOOD is set to have its world premiere on Friday, April 4th at the 2014 International Horror and Sci-Fi Festival in Arizona, part of the Phoenix Film Festival which runs from April 3rd to April 10th on seven screens at the Harkins Scottsdale 101.

A thematic and stylistic follow-up to Chris Alexander’s first film, BLOOD FOR IRINA, QUEEN OF BLOOD sees vampire Irina (once more played by Shauna Henry) reborn as a force of nature whose destiny is to lay waste to a fever dream vision of the Wild West. Drawing her victims to her like insects to bright lights, Irina drains their blood through her fingertips while setting her sights on a pregnant widow (Carrie Gemmell, whose dreamy vocals also grace Alexander’s original score), a woman who might hold the key to Irina’s fate. The picture also stars electronic rock legend Nivek Ogre (from the band Skinny Puppy) and features costume design by Alex Kavanagh (SAW, REPO! GINGER SNAPS II).

Other films screened include Ti West’s THE SACRAMENT, Mike Flanagan’s OCULUS, Zack Parker’s PROXY, Renaud Gauthier’s DISCOPATH and Alex de la Iglesia’s WITCHING AND BITCHING.

Ticket prices range from $13 for single tickets to $300 for a platinum pass. For more, including the full lineup and ticket info, head here. For more on QUEEN OF BLOOD, visit Autonomy Pics.


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