Chris Alexander’s “BLOOD FOR IRINA” locks three more screenings


Fango editor Chris Alexander’s debut feature, the vampire obsession Eurohorror fever-esque BLOOD FOR IRINA has three international screenings in the next few weeks, before coming to DVD and Blu-ray on May 28th.

The first is on Saturday, April 27th in Rhode Island as part of the Arkham Film Society’s ongoing screening series. The film will be on screen at 8pm and The Granoff Center For the Arts, 154 Angell Street in Providence. Tickets are only $5 at the door. For more information go here.

The next is on Friday May 10th in Ottawa, Ontario as part of the Ottawa Comic Con at the historic Mayfair Theatre, at 1074 Bank Street. Screening will be a midnight show, starting at 11:30pm and Alexander will be in attendance to introduce the film and conduct a Q&A post-show. For tickets and more info, visit Mayfair Theatre.

The final screening will be at South Africa’s wild X-FEST, a celebration of extreme and experimental horror cinema. Specific date and time for the SA premiere of BLOOD FOR IRINA are TBD but visit X-Fest to learn more about the festival.

A psychological, bloody vampire tale inspired by Herzog, Rollin and Franco, BLOOD FOR IRINA turns its lens on Irina, a predator stalking the streets at night looking for blood. Having lived over a century and now living in a run-down seaside motel with the motel manager, it’s clear they may have reached the end of the road. However, the appearance of a broken prostitute may yet change everything. Three people living life on the fringe, trapped in a world of literal and figurative decay, who may have more in common than they even know. Alexander wrote, directed, co-produced, co-shot, edited and composed the score for the film.

An Autonomy Pictures release with plenty in the way of special features (to be revealed), BLOOD FOR IRINA hits North America and the U.K. on May 28.

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  • Timothy James

    Through all of producer Alexanders attempts to be visual, creative and original throughout this film, I have to confess that I did not enjoy this feature at all. It was over artsy while it suffered from not having any real substance to the storyline. That is if there was any real plot in any ones mind at all. The story line was very weak. I laboured to watch this film all the way through. How many times does anyone really want to see someone puke up blood for gods sake??? Scenic shots were repetitious and seemed spliced in to this film just for visual sake. The movie moved very very slow and did not have the proper energy that an enjoyable feature usually has. It was a brooding and disturbing piece but not in a good way, even for a horror film. In my experience it made me feel the less for having watched it. The movie also lacks in any real dialogue. I feel this film would of been better suited as a short, edited down to 20 minutes tops. Then everything about it might of made more sense I guess, as a creative piece. It also might have been more palatable for your average film goer. A very disappointing and amateurish début into the horror genre for the Editor in Chief of Fangoria magazine. Mr. Alexander might want to try and get back to a more traditional film on his next endeavour. One with a decent storyline, script and maybe with some dialogue if possible. Sorry, I had to be honest Chris. Better luck on your next film. Honestly I’m cheering for you dude. I am a Big fan of you and your magazine.

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