Charles Band launches DELIRIUM, Full Moon’s Official Magazine


For over four decades, producer and director Charles Band has steadily pumped out a dizzying wealth of some of indie cinema’s weirdest and wildest horror, fantasy and exploitation movies with his iconic labels Empire Pictures and Full Moon Features, the likes of which include such notable films as TOURIST TRAP, RE-ANIMATOR, DOLLS, FROM BEYOND, PARASITE, PUPPETMASTER, SUBSPECIES, HEAD OF THE FAMILY and THE GINGERDEAD MAN. Many of these pictures are considered bona fide genre classics and all are fascinating works of bizarre pop art, each one a story with dozens of sub-stories to be told.

Because of this wealth of information and history languishing in limbo, Band has opted to launch his very own magazine in DELIRIUM, a limited run, collectible bi-monthly print periodical that uses the hundreds upon hundreds of movies he’s made and myriad celebrated alumni who’ve come through his gates—Stuart Gordon, Klaus Kinski, Demi Moore, Helen Hunt, Michael Moriarity, Jeffrey Combs et al— as a springboard to unleash some insightful and entertaining editorial about these lurid pop art enterprises.

With text overseen by FANGORIA and GOREZONE editor Chris Alexander and in-depth contributions from EMPIRE OF THE B’s author Dave Jay among many other “professional fans,” and sporting a glut of rare artwork—some that has never been seen in decades, if at all—DELIRIUM is in essence a glossy history of Band’s weird world, as well as a guide to the future of his enduring Full Moon universe while serving as a testament to the unyielding independent genre filmmaking spirit.

You can pre-order the first issue of DELIRIUM, in which Stuart Gordon and Barbara Crampton reflect on their days making RE-ANIMATOR, and featuring that wild, ultra-rare Italian poster art from Band’s own office walls on the cover, plus a look at Full Moon’s upcoming Scream Queen web series TROPHY HEADS and more, right here.

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