Celebrate “THE LAST HALLOWEEN” with a scary short


Canadian filmmaker Marc Roussel, whose short movies include the much-praised time-hopping chiller REMOTE, has a new one making the festival rounds called THE LAST HALLOWEEN, which will have its on-line premiere this October (natch). He sent along a couple of exclusive pics with comments on the film, and you can also see the trailer past the jump.

LASTHALLOWEENSHORTNEWS1Based on a comic book (to be self-published in the future; see the first page below) by Roussel’s writing partner Mark Thibodeau, THE LAST HALLOWEEN is about four trick-or-treaters who set out on the titular night—and may be after something more than candy. “What I love about Mark’s comic,” Roussel tells Fango, “is that it explores the idea of Halloween as a modern social phenomenon. In this day and age, opening your door to a stranger is an act that requires a certain degree of courage. That’s kind of what Halloween is all about, and it’s also what our movie is about.

“We made the film with a grant from BravoFACT here in Canada,” he continues, “and shot it using anamorphic lenses and entirely on Steadicam to capture a John Carpenter vibe. He was a big influence on the movie’s overall mood, look and music.”

The cast is headed by Ron Basch (pictured in the 2nd photo below at center with Roussel, left, and cinematographer Michael Jari Davidson, right) and Emily Atalato, with an appearance by regular Canuck genre face Julian Richings (from CUBE, WRONG TURN and many others). The monster FX were created by The Butcher Shop. Check out a teaser trailer below the photos and art.




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