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    Sidesplitters: Joe DeRosa on “Hellraiser”, “Hostel” and His Favorite Horror Movie Kills!

    Horror and Comedy go together like masks and murderers, both set out to evoke reactions from even the most immovable of audiences. Therefore, it’s no surprise that so many funnymen are ardent fright fans. In our new column, Sidesplitters, FANGORIA chats with comedians who love horror as much as they love humor.

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    Report: The Stanley Film Festival, an Essential Horror Retreat

    Traveling to the Stanley Hotel is already something of a pilgrimage. The historic lodge, built in 1909 and famous for its spectral activity, looms over Estes Park, CO, surrounded by stunning, natural but also otherworldly landscape. Then of course, there’s the fact that it was a catalyst in the mind of Stephen King; his own stay there inspired THE SHINING, one of the most seminal works of horror there is. Lucky for us then, The Stanley Hotel, the Denver Film Society and programmers Michael Lerman and Landon Zakheim have enhanced the inherent aura of the locale with the Stanley Film Festival. A weekend-long celebration of genre in all its forms, which wrapped its second edition over the course of April 24-27, is quickly establishing itself not only as a perfect horror vacation, but as growing into a vital horror retreat—an essential destination for all those who worship at the altar of the macabre.

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  • Caption Contest Results: 04/21 – 04/25

    FANGORIA fanatics! If you’re one of the thousands who follow us on Twitter, you’re likely familiar with our daily Caption Contests! And now, due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we’re going a step further and highlighting the best entries of the week for the world to see! So without further adieu…

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  • Dallas! “CHAINSAW” Vets-Starring “SACRAMENT” Screening in June!

    Dallas, are you ready for some genuine southern horror? Writer/director Shawn Ewert will premiere his upcoming independent horror feature film SACRAMENT on June 7th at the historic Texas Theatre in Dallas, TX!

    The project was principally shot in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex and features the talents of genre icons, such as TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE stars Marilyn Burns and Ed Guinn, as well as many up-and-coming and established talents from the region.

    SACRAMENT (not to be confused with the upcoming Ti West film THE SACRAMENT) follows a group of seven friends who embark on a road trip to South Texas for booze, bud and bonding but are derailed by an approaching tropical storm. They seek refuge in the quaint, conservative Texas town of Middle Spring, which is in the process of hosting a huge barbecue and tent revival. Charismatic preacher Isaac Renneker, his enterprising son Brahm and his devout congregation are determined to cleanse the world of sin, and before long the kids realize that there might be more to the town’s famous barbecue than just a good spice rub.

    The film calls into question hot-button topics like religion, homophobia, relationship dynamics, and survival instinct while retaining a very human approach to the characters. FX artists Matthew Ash (CIRCUS OF THE DEAD) and Hobbes LeCompte (DEVOTION) handled the ample, bloody prosthetic effects gags. For more on the film and the special June 7th screening, visit www.sinners4dinner.com.

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  • Toronto: Short Horror Film Festival & Party Seeking Submissions!

    Toronto, lend us your eyes! FANGORIA contributor John Nicol is hosting something creepy and cool in the west-end of Toronto with the first annual “COME TO DADDY: HORROR SHORTS SOIREE.” The event, which takse place on Saturday, July 26th at 3030 Dundas West, promises to be a boisterous, bloody blend of frightening film screenings, ample craft beer spillage, good food and eventually, as the night wears on, a full blown post-screening dance party.

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    Trailer: Who’s Haunting “JESSABELLE”?

    With two PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies, OCULUS, the direct-to-video NOT SAFE FOR WORK, THE PURGE: ANARCHY and OUIJA on their schedule alone, Blumhouse Pictures is definitely looking to dominate the horror market this year. However, their long-awaited JESSABELLE also hits this summer, and now the mysterious fright film has a terrifying first trailer!

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  • Trailer: “WOLFCOP” Leaps Into Action!

    Earlier this month, FANGORIA offered up some exclusive pictures from Lowell Dean’s insane horror-comedy WOLFCOP, which combines Emerson Ziffle’s old-fashioned special effects with a neon-soaked retro grindhouse atmosphere.However, now there’s an official trailer for WOLFCOP, which debuts in select theaters on June 6th from Cinecoup!

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