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    Kathryn Newton: Normal Teen, “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY”

    by: Trevor Parker on: 2013-01-28 15:03:03

    Get ready to feel old: When asked what’s
    next on her slate following a star turn as terrified teen Alex in PARANORMAL
    ACTIVITY 4 (out on DVD/Blu-ray this Tuesday), effervescent young actress Kathryn
    Newton replies, “I’m doing my high school academic decathlon tomorrow.” Although
    already an experienced film and television actress, Ms. Newton’s tender age is uncommon;
    especially with the horror genre’s often shameless propensity for stuffing much
    older actors into teenage roles. It’s Newton’s authenticity and fresh appeal that
    adds spark to a franchise on its fourth installment and entices audiences to
    ride once again through the reliable PARANORMAL funhouse.

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    “TO HELL YOU RIDE #2″ (Comic Review)

    by: Svetlana Fedotov on: 2013-01-28 14:42:50

    TO HELL YOU RIDE is a thirty-year dream come to life. As
    conjured up by Lance Henriksen in the cold mountains of pre-ski lodge Colorado,
    the work finally gets to see the light of day thanks to Dark Horse comics.
    Though it was first written out to be a movie script, it’s been smoothly translated
    over to the finer medium of word balloons with a seamless mix of writing and
    art. A story of old curses and even older families, TO HELL YOU RIDE is a rich
    tale of Native American spirituality and the evils of man on Earth.

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    by: Svetlana Fedotov on: 2013-01-27 03:05:32

    Few can argue that true grindhouse film exhibition is a fading art. While most theaters are pumping out the newest blockbuster schlock, others, like the Grand Cinema in Tacoma, WA, are still retaining their old 35MM ways. Their monthly series of old and loved horror movies, aptly titled “Grindhouse Theater”, has been bringing fans from up and down the Pacific Northwest.

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    Recap: “AMERICAN HORROR STORY 213, Madness Ends”

    by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-01-25 23:32:40

    Possibly the most striking thing about how AMERICAN HORROR
    STORY: ASYLUM has wrapped itself up is that, in a show and season so imbued
    with a love of and homage to cinema, “Madness Ends” really went to bat for the
    power of television. Really, Ryan Murphy’s extended, warped odyssey through a Massachusetts
    mental institution could not have been told any other way. Brutal, soap operatic,
    involved, indulgent and even massively transformed from beginning to end,
    ASYLUM laid down with grace via a 60 MINUTES-esque sit down and a horrifying
    exposé reminiscent of Geraldo Rivera’s own investigations of the squalor at
    Staten Island, New York’s Willowbrook State School.

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    “SPIDERS”: Free FANGORIA 3D (!) screening in LA this Wednesday!

    by: FANGORIA Staff on: 2013-01-25 16:53:19

    FANGORIA will host a free 3D screening of the big-bug flick
    SPIDERS in Los Angeles this coming Wednesday, January 30 at Hollywood’s
    Arclight Cinemas (6360 West Sunset Boulevard) at 7 p.m. The film’s stars,
    STARSHIP TROOPERS’ Patrick Muldoon and scream queen Christa Campbell (2000
    MANIACS, DRIVE ANGRY), will host this special showing, and there will be a
    ton of free posters, DVDs and other Fango swag for fans. Genre vet Tibor
    Takacs, best known for THE GATE, I, MADMAN and MANSQUITO, directed SPIDERS.

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    Exclusive clip: “RESOLUTION”

    by: on: 2013-01-25 16:41:18

    If you want to take a walk on the weird side, check out
    RESOLUTION, which begins its theatrical run in Los Angeles today and can also
    be seen on VOD. And you can get a taste of it with an exclusive clip after the jump.

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