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    Watch: “SIMON KILLER” director’s new horror short/ad “THE RED”; Excl comments

    Produced by Borderline Films, that which comprises MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE director Sean Durkin, AFTERSCHOOL/SIMON KILLER director Antonio Campos and director Josh Mond, this short psychological thriller from the young filmmakers currently owning the psychological thriller is something of a PSA.

    Teased just a few weeks ago and now online in full (above), THE RED was actually produced in conjunction with SS+K, a New York ad agency working with SALT, a debt management program from American Student Assistance looking to ease the massive stress that befalls an increasing number of graduating students.

    Having tackled ads before, Campos tells FANGORIA, “SS+K approached us through Station Films, who represents us for commercials. It was much bigger than anything we’ve done in terms of commercial. It was also a tricky one because it is a PSA for all intents and purposes, but because of the nature of the campaign where that wasn’t supposed to be known until the very end, all the aspects that were part of the ‘message ‘had to be dealt with carefully.”

    Credited as a whole to Borderline, Campos adds, “For this one, I directed, but Sean and Josh were part of the development and edit and would come to set. We have an organic way of working together. If we’re doing a commercial, we are all involved creatively, but do not all have to be on set. When it comes to commercials, it has always been either one or two of the three of us take the directing reigns. We had Andrew Marcus editing whose lists of features is strong, and it was really a pleasure and education working with him.”

    For more on THE RED, especially if you have mounting anxiety over debt, visit Face The Red.

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    Savini and Me: Part Seven, Age is just a number

    Recently, some family members came to visit my wife and I in our home. They are both very kind people, but their health is not as good as could be. The man that visited is sixty-six years old and in declining health. His knees are shot, to the point where I have to offer an arm for him to get up our two steps into the main door. One morning, I walked by their pill containers that were on the table. The sheer amount of pills made me stop in my tracks. I had to count them… seventeen. Not for the day, that was just in the morning. This man had to take almost forty pills a day! Not only that, he got tired easily, got car sick and was getting over a cold that just wouldn’t go away. When we were talking about birthdays, I found out that he was born one month after Tom Savini. This realization floored me.

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    FANGORIA Kickstarter campaign for “THE FACILITY” now open!

    In case you missed it—and shame on you if you did!—FANGORIA Entertainment is producing THE FACILITY, a gritty fright flick with a budget to be raised on Kickstarter.com. And, yes, sir, yes, ma’am, you can be part of this exciting cinematic experience by pledging right here. In addition, for those who donate, there are some really interesting rewards being offered (anyone need a body bag?). Not excited yet? Then check out the promo art below (designed by FANGORIA FrightFest’s Larry Barsky), as well as the film’s chill-inducing promo!

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