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    Women in Horror ’13: The Return of Christina Lindberg!

    Original artwork by Rob Jones, commissioned for The Exploitation Army in 2005

    There are certainly some out there who own a THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE T-shirt, but don’t know the name of the beautiful one-eyed actress screen-printed on the front.  I can understand that.  The image is irresistibly potent and perfectly represents what we love so much about no-bullshit cinema.  The iconic visuals of more savage films from yesteryear haunt us as films fans, in the best possible sense. And Christina Lindberg’s “Frigga” from THRILLER…, one of the most devastating yet entertaining of rape/revenge films, has always been a queen among of those poltergeists.  If you do own that shirt, it’s okay – you understand that the woman on your chest made an impact, and I’d love to tell you more about her.

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    SXSW Trailer: Meet the “HOLY GHOST PEOPLE”

    Mitchell Altieri, one half of the Butcher Brothers (THE HAMILTONS, THE VIOLENT KIND) strikes out on his own with a tale of one terrifying church.

    HOLY GHOST PEOPLE finds nineteen year-old Charlotte and her enlisted backup Wayne searching for her sister within the Church of One Accord, a small sect deep in the Appalachian Mountains led by by “an enigmatic snake-handling preacher named Brother Billy, who’s devoted congregation of outcasts knowingly risk injury or death seeking salvation in the Holy Ghost. What Wayne and Charlotte uncover during their time on the mountain – about themselves and the nature of faith – will shake them to their core, as the mystery of Charlotte’s sister and her fate unravels…”

    What looks like it could be an intense, fanatic thriller will see its world premiere Sunday, March 10 at this year’s SXSW. If you’re attending, the full schedule for HOLY GHOST PEOPLE can be found right here.

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    First Fango Set Visit: SXSW Horror “HAUNTER”

    It is a conventional stance of Hollywood ingenues to rise to prominence through roles in horror movies, only to disparage their genre origins once presented with opportunities more palatable to the mainstream. This is refreshingly not the case with Abigail Breslin, teenage star of ZOMBIELAND and Oscar nominee for her precocious performance in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, whom Fango catches up with on the set of Vincenzo Natali’s HAUNTER.

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    Q&A: Eli Roth, producing “THE LAST EXORCISM PART II”

    This year, audiences awaiting the return of Eli Roth find an embarrassment of riches. On the directorial end, there’s both werewolf-in-a-steel town Netflix original series HEMLOCK GROVE and his Amazonian cannibal odyssey, THE GREEN INFERNO. The sometimes actor scripted and stars in Nicolas Lopez’s Chilean earthquake picture AFTERSHOCK and most relevantly, has lent a guiding hand to emerging talent, producing Ti West’s upcoming THE SACRAMENT and the sequel to one of the more undervalued of recent American genre films, THE LAST EXORCISM PART II (out March 1st). It’s this tale of Southern gothic that has Fango speaking to Roth about his own investment in continuing Nell Sweetzer’s story, how audiences approach foun footage, that which he’s never seen before in a possession film and what his producing legacy aims to be.

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  • FANGO Gives Away SINISTER on Blu-ray

    by: Rebekah McKendry on: 2013-02-25 21:08:13

    Feeling sinister? The fine folks at Blumhouse Production just sent over a stash of SINISTER Blu-rays for us to give out to some lucky FANGORIA fans. How can you win this sweet horror flick? Keep reading….

    Synopsis: Ten years ago, true crime writer Ellison Oswald made his reputation with a best-selling account of a notorious murder. Now, desperate to replicate success of his first book, he moves his family into a home where the previous occupants were brutally executed and a child disappeared, hoping to find inspiration in the crime scene. In the home, Ellison discovers a cache of terrifying home movies, unwittingly opening the door into a nightmarish mystery.


    To enter, just send an email to rebekah@fangoria.com
    Be sure to put “SINISTER” in the subject line.
    Please include the following info:
    -    Your name
    -    Mailing address
    -    Email address
    -    Phone number
    -    Age

    Best of luck, and be sure to check out SINISTER, now available on DVD and Blu-ray!

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