• Women in Horror ’13: Briony Kidd and her “DAUGHTERS OF THE EVERLASTING LUSTRE”

    In the fall of 2011, a short horror film festival introduced me to the work of Briony Kidd. Her 15 minute THE ROOM AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS was a haunting, poetic tale of a lonely student finding solace in the echoing energy of her new home’s previous occupant. It was the standout of said fest, but aside from mutual admiration of PHENOMENA over Twitter, we haven’t heard much from Kidd since. In honor of Women in Horror Month, Fango caught up with the filmmaker as she remains toiling away in all manner of genre activity down under, directing and programming The Stranger with my Face Horror Film Festival and waiting to go on two new features she’s told FANGORIA about.

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    Women in Horror ’13: Julianne Moore’s “6 SOULS” Searching

    In a career that has encompassed nearly every conceivable type of part, Oscar-nominated actress has made regular stops in the horror genre, from her early role in TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE to the upcoming remake of CARRIE. This week, she’ll be seen as the star of 6 SOULS, which hits VOD Friday, March 1 and select theaters April 5 from Radius-TWC, and which she spoke about in this exclusive Fango interview.

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    Maurizio Guarini, “CREATURES FROM A DRAWER” (CD Review)

    The name Goblin should mean something to each and every serious (hell, even casual) student of European horror. The band formerly known as Oliver, then Cherry Five, who were mentored by Dario Argento to be the house band for his 1975 giallo* landmark DEEP RED; they, of the throbbing basslines and progressive Emerson Lake and Palmer-meets-Mike Oldfield groove. Goblin went on to become horror’s only real “supergroup” and represented the proto-rock video aesthetic that made the Italian terrors of the period such sexy, slick and visceral treats.

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