• New Sights and Sounds from “THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3”

    Whilst not exactly a traditional teaser, a new look at the threatened third film in Tom Six’s grotesque horror-comedy series THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE marries sight and sound, offering a new still and an audio clip. There’s no indication they’re of the same scene, but there’s certainly grunting, and Dieter Laser barking. 

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  • Toys of Terror #29


    Welcome to TOYS OF TERROR, Fango’s weekly feature exhibiting the coolest horror accessories across the web. Whether you’re a collector, connoisseur or simply making your love of horror a family affair, these petrifying playthings are likely to impress even the most heartless horror fan. So if you’re searching for a ghoulish gift, look no further…

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  • Return To “THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL,” See The Trailer for “ALLELUIA”

    In 2012, director Darren Lynn Bousman and his REPO! writer Terrance Zdunich embarked on a truly admirable indie endeavor. In crafting a 55-minute horror musical entitled THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL, the two then took their show on the road, adopting a traveling self-distribution model that boasted the film, live performances, intimate Q&As and more. Bousman and Zdunich had amassed a devoted cult with their first scaresong (THE GENETIC OPERA) and here, they were bringing the art directly to them. No surprise then, what seemed to be so fulfilling has garnered another go. 

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  • Festival Report: Helsinki’s NIGHT VISIONS 2014


    Helsinki’s 2014 edition of its Night Visions genre festival is the biggest yet. Following its Cultural Achievement Award from the city two years ago, the small festival has grown to encompass a program of over 40 feature films, with a roster of international guests and the odd live event or two. Top of the pile is John McNaughton, presenting both his notorious debut HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER and his newest film, THE HARVEST, starring Samantha Morton, Michael Shannon and Peter Fonda. Directors Pablo Larcuen and Randy Moore are also present with, respectively, the iPhone-shot horror HOOKED UP and the off-kilter ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW; director Simeon Halligan and his producing partner Rachel Richardson-Jones are here with their Brit-thriller WHITE SETTLERS; and Spanish actor/producer Marcos Ortiz presents the caving horror IN DARKNESS WE FALL. Its director Alfredo Montero would have joined him but became a father three days before. Ortiz says he deserves the trip anyway. 

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  • “THE WOMAN IN BLACK” Casts a Shadow in Official Sequel Poster

    The concept for the upcoming WOMAN IN BLACK sequel, ANGEL OF DEATH is delightful in a sinister way. As we’ve seen, the vengeful entity takes her wrath out on children, often possessing them to do frightful things to themselves. With that established, the WWII-set follow-up proceeds to then fill her haunted Eel Marsh House with children. Splendid. See one such child in her shadowy sights on the official poster, below.  

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