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    “ANTIVIRAL” (Movie Review)

    [This review was initially published out of the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2012, it is reposted below in light of the film's theatrical and VOD release.]

    Any film bearing the surname Cronenberg on its credit block will be of interest to FANGORIA, and ANTIVIRAL—which had its North American premiere at the current Toronto International Film Festival following its world premiere at Cannes this past summer—is indeed a Cronenberg joint. Specifically, it’s the first picture from David’s son Brandon. Does the apple fall far? 

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    Trailer: “SIMON KILLER” director puts you in “THE RED” with new short

    Borderline Films comprises the filmmakers behind artfully unsettling pictures like AFTERSCHOOL, MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE and most recently, SIMON KILLER. And while those films are already enthusiastically covered by the likes of Fango, it seems director Antonio Campos and collaborators Sean Durkin and Josh Mond are pouring effort into something more traditionally horrific: a short entitled THE RED. 

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    BioGamer Girl: “ZOMBIE SQUASH” starring George A. Romero now available

    ACW Games has announced the release of ZOMBIE SQUASH (now available for free on Amazon.com, Google Play and iTunes), which stars the iconic director of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, George A. Romero, as the voice of Dr. B.E. Vil. Players will assume the role of the rabbit Jack Stompingtail and stop the Zombie Squash from taking over the world.

    In this tower defense style game, the evil Dr. B.E. Vil has taken his experiments too far at the Monsterno Corporation and created an army of zombified veggies. As Jack, players can shoot an arsenal of garden ammo to take down the hordes of undead gourds! Gamers can unlock an addictive, survival mini-game with Gamecenter Leaderboards once they have completed the first five levels. Romero summed the game up by stating, “It’s not a game about squashing zombies, it’s a game about zombie squash.”

    ZOMBIE SQUASH, from the mind of Attila Juhasz (owner of ACW Games/Attila’s Creative Works LLC), comes with a rockin’ soundtrack that was written and produced by Roy Z (known for his work with Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford and Judas Priest). And an amazing theme song written by Juhasz and recorded with guitarist & associate producer Michael Di Paola.

    For more ZOMBIE SQUASH, check out the following links: Google Play/AndroidAmazon Apps for Android and iTunes/iPad.


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