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    Video: Patricia Quinn loves Fango!

    This weekend in London, Ontario FANGORIA was present at the scrappy convention SHOCK STOCK, meeting fans and celebrity guests. One of the many horror and cult film alumni in attendance was ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW star Patricia Quinn (featured in FANGORIA #321), the lovely lady who was Magenta, a vivacious force of nature who is also one of the stars of Rob Zombie’s new shocker THE LORDS OF SALEM.

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  • Get a free copy of John Skipp’s first novel, “THE LIGHT AT THE END” right now!

    If you haven’t noticed, the (still relatively) brand new FANGORIA.com holds a column from esteemed horror author John Skipp called Nightmare Royale. There’s a brand new one on the way, but until then, Mr. Skipp would like you to know there’s absolutely free copies of his first, highly influential work, THE LIGHT AT THE END available right now.

    Skipp writes, “For those of you who have no idea who I am, or why you should be listening to a single word I say, I’d like to recommend you to the  free, two-day giveaway  of my first novel, THE LIGHT AT THE END. This is the punk-vampire-in-the-subways-of-New York City horror novel that helped define ‘splatterpunk’ as a subversive hardcore horror phenomenon in the 80s, selling a million copies, freaking out a bunch of people, and blah-dee-blah. But if it helps inspire you to check out my long, weird body of work, then I say GO FOR IT! And I hope you have fun! Horrible, horrible fun.”

    The FREE GIVEAWAY runs April 11-12 at Amazon right here

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    “SCARY MOVIE V” (Movie Review)

    First there were SCARY MOVIE and SCARY MOVIE 2, in which a few good laughs got mired in endless crudity and bodily-function gags. Then there were SCARY MOVIE 3 and SCARY MOVIE 4, in which things improved under the stewardship of AIRPLANE/NAKED GUN vet David Zucker. Now comes the latest installment, which feels very much like parts of SCARY MOVIE 5 and SCARY MOVIE 6 were slapped together into one movie.

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    Q+A: Director Andy Stewart talks chunk-blower “DYSMORPHIA”, screening this weekend!

    Glasgow-based horror crit Andy Stewart’s debut short film DYSMORPHIA has been hitting gag reflexes all over the festival circuit since it premiered at Manchester’s Grimmfest last fall. Often paired with the Soska Sisters’ AMERICAN MARY, which shares its gruesome penchant for DIY surgery, DYSMORPHIA is something of a showstopper itself. A Man. A Room. A Decision; a modest setup, but one, I assure you,  you will not soon forget.

    Andy Stewart talks to FANGO about his transition from critic to director, the pleasures of body horror, and gives us a tease at what his follow-up plans are.

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