• First Clip, Release Details: Intimate Festival Hit, “HONEYMOON”

    Touted as the Midnighter to watch at this past March’s SXSW, HONEYMOON, the feature debut from director Leigh Janiak, is now on its way to release. The intimate, marriage-based horror story is largely a two-person show tapping into the all-too-easy spread of mistrust and self-doubt, and its unsettling atmosphere is rooted in just how quickly that can set in. Take for instance the span of the film—which takes place over just a few sunny days at a rural cabin—and know the below clip is really just night three, or so.

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  • TV Spot: Chiller’s Upcoming Anthology Explores “5 STATES OF FEAR”

    This July, Chiller TV is following up its first CHILLING VISIONS anthology with a sequel. Whereas the first focused on the five senses, the latest will explore five debilitating states and mindsets (and actual states!). Contributions come from Glass Eye Pix filmmakers Glenn McQuaid and Graham Reznick, as well as Brett Simmons (HUSK), John Poliquin (GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2) and Zao Wang, and you can see snippets of their stylized horror stories in a new TV spot featuring actual footage from the film. 

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    From the FANGORIA Vault: “THE DEAD ZONE”

    When thinking about genre films over here at the FANGORIA vault, the term “nightmarish” comes to mind almost instantaneously. After all, if cinema acts as a gateway into our imagination and desires, then wouldn’t horror films be a gateway into our fear? We here at FANGORIA would certainly hope so, especially considering how many creepy oddities we have laying around this cinematic mausoleum. And today, the subject of nightmares and dark visions go hand in hand with the pictures we’ve uncovered from the vault: rare photographs and stills from the production of David Cronenberg’s THE DEAD ZONE!

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    Guest Announcement: HORROR-RAMA Welcomes Tom Savini

    Recently, FANGORIA announced our sponsorship of a new, Toronto-based horror convention called HORROR-RAMA, a two-day fan event happening in Toronto, Canada this November 1-2, 2014 (check out the preliminary news item here). Our first guests announced were the First Lady of Gothic Italian horror, the one and only Barbara Steele; pioneering shock rocker Nivek Ogre, of the industrial performance-art band Skinny Puppy; and Canadian psychosexual horror author Michael Slade (HEADHUNTER, GHOUL).

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