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    FANGORIA PRESENTS: “GERM Z” Video Diary, Part Three

    In the latest FANGORIA Presents release GERM Z, a deadly zombie outbreak spawns after the military executes what becomes a failed attempt to shoot down an orbiting satellite. An alien lifeform hitches a ride to Earth posthaste and hooks up with unlucky humans; cue mass cannibalism and zombie mayhem. For this fifth release under the FANGORIA Presents banner (see here for details; to find Fango’s Comcast collection on your VOD channel, search this way: Movies > Movie Collections > Fangoria), GERM Z’s bright filmmaking team put together an exclusive five-part video documentary that reveals details on their unique zombie flick’s production.

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  • The Monster Movie Memories of a Brain-Damaged Basket Case: In conversation with Frank Henenlotter

    This year Dead By Dawn, Scotland’s premier horror film festival, celebrated its 20th Anniversary by paying tribute to horror maverick Frank Henelotter.  A late night monster-mash double-bill of BASKET CASE and BRAIN DAMAGE was followed the next day by Mr. Henenlotter’s wildly enthusiastic and passionate introduction to 1959’s THE TINGLER.  To Mr. Henenlotter’s delight…immediate relief was obtained by SCREAMING!!!!!

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    “BLOW OUT” (Blu-ray Review, Arrow Films)

    In the late 70s and early 80s, audiences didn’t look forward to the next movie directed by Brian De Palma, they got excited about the new Brian De Palma film. After the success of CARRIE, De Palma was able to disappear into his own imagination and create films routed entirely in his own interests. His director-for-hire phase would begin shortly with SCARFACE, but for a few glorious years De Palma was in charge of his own scripts and destiny and used his auteur power to dabble in grand entertaining thrillers that doubled as deadpan satires of filmmaking convention and self-conscious explorations of the director’s personal obsessions. Of this flock of golden age Brian De Palma, none were better than his 1981 flick BLOW OUT.

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    Video: Roger Corman welcomes you to “CORMAN’S DRIVE-IN”!

    Further to our interview with the great writer/director/producer/mogul Roger Corman yesterday, regarding he and wife Julie Corman’s new online channel CORMAN’S DRIVE-IN, have a quick look at Roger’s own video introduction. We love Corman, love the astonishing body of work the man has imprinted upon horror and pop culture and highly endorse his latest endeavor. Have a look below!

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