• Exclusive Short Film Premiere: Kaiju Craziness in Curtis Jaeger’s “MIND CITY TERROR”!


    If you were in attendance last Saturday for the International Oddities Shorts program at the inaugural edition of the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival, you likely had your mind blown by MIND CITY TERROR, Curtis Jaeger’s kick-ass short film featuring big monsters, badass robots, and a bloody new take on therapy. Taking on a visually stunning story with a shoestring budget, anyone who loves the Kaiju genre will likely go head-over-heels for Jaeger’s impressive sci-fi short, which also racked up accolades at last year’s Another Hole in the Head festival. With that in mind, FANGORIA is extremely excited to premiere MIND CITY TERROR to the world, presenting the 15-minute short film in its entirety to genre cinema fanatics worldwide!

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  • Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Clip: “THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR”, Now on Blu-ray!


    THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR is now out on DVD/Blu-ray/Digital HD and to celebrate the third entry into the popular Blumhouse franchise (which is now set to make the leap to the small screen as a TV series), we’ve got an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip for you FANGO readers. Be sure to pick up THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR, and enjoy this special clip below!

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  • GREASY WEEK: “THE VIDEO DEAD” Actor Michael St. Michaels talks “THE GREASY STRANGLER”!


    It’s Greasy Week here at FANGORIA.com, which we’re celebrating by offering specially curated content leading up to the release of this year’s most hilariously demented horror-comedy, Jim Hosking’s THE GREASY STRANGLER. Yet to truly understand the method behind the madness, FANGORIA had to dig into the brains of those behind THE GREASY STRANGLER itself. Today, FANGORIA picks the brain of The Greasy Strangler himself, actor Michael St. Michaels, who goes from stealing scenes in THE VIDEO DEAD to providing one of the most odd and hysterical performances of the year…

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  • Contest: Win A Three-Film “PURGE” Prize Pack!


    For many horror fans, it’s been truly interesting to see THE PURGE films evolve over the last three years, as the politically-charged Blumhouse franchise has gone from home invasion nightmare to city-sprawling class warfare. Now, fans of THE PURGE films will have a chance to witness that evolution all over again for absolutely free, as FANGORIA is teaming with Universal Home Entertainment to give away a PURGE prize pack featuring all three PURGE films!

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  • GREASY WEEK: “GREASY STRANGLER” Producers SpectreVision talk their Top Five Greasiest Horror Films!


    It’s Greasy Week here at FANGORIA.com, which we’re celebrating by offering specially curated content leading up to the release of this year’s most hilariously demented horror-comedy, Jim Hosking’s THE GREASY STRANGLER. Yet to truly understand the method behind the madness, FANGORIA had to dig into the brains of those behind THE GREASY STRANGLER itself. And with both FANGORIA and GREASY STRANGLER production entity SpectreVision, comprised of Daniel Noah, Josh Waller, and Elijah Wood, on the scene at the 2016 Fantastic Fest, the two companies sat down to discuss the top five greasiest horror films of all time, as well as some insight into THE GREASY STRANGLER…

    FANGORIA: Gentlemen. We’re here to address one topic. It’s a pretty straightforward thing, but…we need to get to the bottom of it. What are the five greasiest horror films of all time?

    DANIEL NOAH: Funny you should ask. [Produces list] These are not in order.

    JOSH WALLER: This is all of us conferring.

    NOAH: [Meng Hua Ho’s] THE OILY MANIAC. 

    FANG: That’s a good contender for a number one spot.

    NOAH: It’s probably number one, yeah. Then, [William Lustig’s] MANIAC. Which is sweaty-oily.

    ELIJAH WOOD: It’s sweaty, and nasty, and gritty.

    FANG: Why didn’t you sweat as hard in the remake?

    NOAH: He did; it was just off-camera. Next, we’re gonna go with [Greg Lamberson’s] SLIME CITY. Then we’ve got Cronenberg’s THE FLY. And last, not a lot of people have seen this yet, but Flying Lotus made a film called ROYAL, that–

    WOOD: That might be one of the greasiest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

    NOAH: Yeah, we’re gonna hit that one as number five.

    WALLER: And these were the greasiest, just films of all time, right?

    FANG: We were doing horror, but…

    WALLER: I was just thinking of something that’s not on the list, which is a huge box office success and very famous, but it’s kind of slimy, which is GHOSTBUSTERS.

    NOAH: It’s true!

    WOOD: Wasn’t it GHOSTBUSTERS II where they go under the–

    WALLER: It has the river of slime under the entire city.

    WOOD: It’s pretty greasy.


    NOAH: We have six now. Are we going to have to knock one off?

    WALLER: It’s got a lot of slime.

    NOAH: We probably should knock off MANIAC, then, since it’s not actually grease. It’s sweat.

    WALLER: Has anyone actually said GREASE?

    NOAH: It’s not a horror movie, dude.

    WOOD: There’s very little grease in the movie! It’s only on their hair.

    NOAH: It’s next to none. There’s not one scene of someone combing grease into their hair.

    WALLER: We need one with more hair grease. Maybe O, BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?

    WOOD: You know what’s a greasy movie? BARTON FINK.

    FANG: Oh! That might be the Coen Brothers’ greasiest film.

    WOOD: It’s hot and sweaty and greasy and icky.

    NOAH: It’s sticky!

    WOOD: Pulling the wallpaper off the wall. That’s a greasy movie!

    FANG: John Goodman dripping in the hall.

    NOAH: Pressing the glue out of the wall; it’s all on his hands.

    FANG: Alright, let’s talk for a minute about THE GREASY STRANGLER, which I’m sure on release will skyrocket to the top of everyone’s personal greasy lists. What drew you to this project? What was the first stage in the greasy saga?

    WOOD: It started with the script. We’re all fans of Ant Timpson, with Timpson Films. He e-mailed me about the script and asked if I’d read it. I was familiar with Jim Hoskings’ work from his shorts and commercials, and I read the thing and immediately fell in love with it. I’d never read anything like it. And then I sent it to these guys.

    NOAH: And our protocol for taking on a project is that all of us have to be unanimous, and it was the only time that one of us ever broke ranks. Waller and I got an email from Elijah that said “We’re doing this.”

    WALLER: He was obsessed with it the moment that he started reading it.

    WOOD: Reading it and knowing Jim’s aesthetic, and the characters that tend to populate his universe most of the time, you could very easily make the leap to what the film would be, I think. And his work, as weird and funny and sort of “other” that it often is, it’s also quite beautiful. RENEGADES is a beautiful short. He’s very focused on composing beautiful shots and there being a sort of art to his work, as well. And that juxtaposition of the sort of grossness of the film, and the ridiculous scenarios that these characters get themselves into, with a sort of lyrical, beautiful approach was an exciting notion as well.

    FANG: Speaking of grossness, I was wondering about some of the grease in the film. I feel like there’s a few shots where people are eating some of this oily… stuff.

    WALLER: We just created a concoction. It wasn’t grease. There were several different types of grease. There’s the Greasy Strangler grease, which has a very specific flavor, for Big Ronnie. That’s got some oatmeal, it’s truly a cocktail.

    FANG: While we’re on the subject, can we talk about the cocks in the film?

    WALLER: Please.

    FANG: How many prosthetics did you go through before you found the right dick look?

    WALLER: About a dozen. Jim would go over it with our makeup artist several times, at Illusion Industries. And there were some heated discussions, over the course of three or four weeks, about the cocks and making the cocks look right. Jim would be like “No, no, no! That’s not right!” He really wanted to go for the giant mouse head look, which is ultimately what we have. They had several different molds, and Jim would go over there and it either wouldn’t have the right shape, or the right elasticity, or it wasn’t jiggly enough. It was one of those things, Jim just… He just knew it when he saw it.

    FANG: So, a performance I want to talk about is Elizabeth De Razzo. She also got greased up; she gave a very brave performance.

    WALLER: We’ve talked about doing an Oscar campaign for her, for Best Supporting Actress.

    NOAH: Brave is the key word there. Elizabeth not only came in and delivered a very honest performance in a surreal film, but there’s no hesitancy there. You don’t read any bit of her being timid or anything. It’s like “If I’m gonna do this film, I’m going to do it and give it everything I’ve got.”

    FANG: No discomfort in some very uncomfortable scenes? It’s maybe one of the greasiest sex scenes, come to think of it.

    NOAH: One of?

    WOOD: The greasiest.

    WALLER: Maybe HOT SHOTS: PART DEUX. Didn’t they mock the 9 ½ WEEKS scene?

    WOOD: Yeah, and it’s all food. That’s right.

    FANG: I just want there to be as many references to other greasy films as possible. I want people to read this, and make a little playlist for themselves to just get good and greasy over the weekend.

    WALLER: You know, not only was it brave for her knowing it’s going to be in theaters and everything, but it was just brave being on set. Actually in front of people, doing this kind of thing. And Jim does long takes. It’s not necessarily like there’s tons of improv on the actors’ part, but there was almost improv going on in Jim’s head as a take is going on. There’s a scene where they’re both laughing, and it’s this weird laugh, and Jim is yelling, “Don’t move your mouth when you laugh. No, no, don’t move your mouth at all when you’re laughing.”

    NOAH: He’s a greasy conductor.

    THE GREASY STRANGLER hits select theaters this Friday, October 7th, from FilmRise.

    Header Image Artwork courtesy of Joe Oliver.

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    For those who prefer their entertainment shocking, violent, bizarre, and incredibly deranged, Jim Hosking’s upcoming horror comedy title THE GREASY STRANGLER is made for you. From Spectrevision, Timpson Films, Drafthouse Films, and FilmRise, THE GREASY STRANGLER is such a surreal, singular experience, complete with outrageous practical FX, disgusting moments of cinematic depravity, and off-beat belly laughs throughout. And to celebrate the release of this one-of-a-kind genre gem, FANGORIA and FilmRise are teaming up to give away one of THE GREASY STRANGLER’s limited edition “Greasy” Beanie Cap!

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  • Blu-ray Review Round-Up: Vestron Video, “THE SHALLOWS”, More…


    Now that October is around the corner, horrorheads are preparing to stock up on macabre movies and get into the Halloween spirit. With an impressive line-up of cult classics and new releases now hitting shelves nationwide, FANGORIA has rounded up the latest releases so that devoted fright fans can better decide which horror offerings are best suited for their home media collection…

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  • “PHANTASM: RAVAGER” (Film Review)


    The PHANTASM series has always been one of wonder. Based within dreams and the question of what happens when we die, Don Coscarelli created a series which never fully relied on being linear in its storytelling, but focused more on an otherworldly, dream-like tone that might have left some viewers wondering what had just happened to them. Yet for the majority of horror fans (including this writer), the PHANTASM films leave you smiling ear to ear at the innovative and special brand of filmmaking on display. Now with PHANTASM: RAVAGER, the fifth and supposedly final entry into the series, the story created back in 1979 with the first PHANTASM film is officially wrapped up and boy oh boy is it a bookend that will give “Phans” of the series happiness, horror and a bittersweet goodbye to the world and characters they have loved for years.

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  • NYC! Horrifying Documentary “RATS” Screening for Free on October 18th, with Morgan Spurlock in Attendance!


    If you think a documentary can’t send you screaming for the exit, wait till you see RATS! It’s the latest film from award-winning SUPER SIZE ME producer/director Morgan Spurlock, and East Coast fans can see RATS for free when FANGORIA presents a special screening on Tuesday, October 18th at Tribeca’s Roxy Hotel screening room (2 Avenue of the Americas; 212-519-6600). Showtime starts at 10:30 pm, and Spurlock himself will be attending the show!

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  • Exclusive Clip: The Soska Sisters talk “THE DEVIL’S REJECTS” for Tribeca Shortlist’s Horror Collection


    In the post-video store age of media, streaming services have upped their game from random genre association to personally curated titles. With services like Shudder, Fandor, and Exploitation.TV offering carefully constructed collections of genre programming, it’s no wonder why horror fans are becoming more vocal about their streaming allegiances. Now, Lionsgate and Tribeca Enterprises are getting in on the action, launching the Tribeca Shortlist streaming service, which includes a horror selection curated by AMERICAN MARY filmmakers Jen & Sylvia Soska. With Tribeca Shortlist debuting tomorrow, FANGORIA is excited to premiere a clip of The Soska Sisters discussing one of their more iconic selections from the Lionsgate archive: Rob Zombie’s THE DEVIL’S REJECTS!

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  • “ASH VS. EVIL DEAD: Season 2, Episodes 1 & 2” (TV Review)


    For EVIL DEAD fans, the first season of ASH VS. EVIL DEAD reintroduced the original franchise’s canon in a way that felt organic yet modernized. While the ARMY OF DARKNESS iteration of Ashley J. Williams was given a 21st Century polish, revitalized with one-liners and a “dismember first, ask questions later” attitude, the series itself brought more to the table: more characters, more mythology, and much, much more violence. But if anything could be said about the first season, it’s that- despite a killer pilot- the series didn’t quite find it’s footing until it pointed us back to the EVIL DEAD cabin. However, if one were to argue that the CGI-heavy gore and fan service of the first season did ASH VS. EVIL DEAD a disservice, season two has definitely recognized and corrected its weaknesses, offering a noticeably more confident attitude and some outright insane moments you’ll have to see to believe.

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