• Q&A: “SILENT HILL’s” Radha Mitchell Makes “THE SACRIFICE”


    Though Radha Mitchell has earned well-deserved success in high-profile cinematic offerings—FINDING NEVERLAND opposite Johnny Depp, MAN ON FIRE with Denzel Washington—the Australian-born actress continues to boldly delve into more frightful material. Her latest such jaunt is her wonderfully weird, dread-inducing portrayal of an American obstetrician engaged in a deadly cat-and-mouse against rune-inspired Scottish cultists in SACRIFICE.

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  • “PENNY DREADFUL: Season 3, Episode 1” (TV Review)


    In the history of PENNY DREADFUL, the series has often drawn praise from viewers and critics alike for embracing Gothic Horror storytelling. The show’s narrative often required as much patience as it did violence, and organically fleshed out its character relationships in a way that would drive these literary horror icons together. Yet for the third season of the series, the show’s approach takes a certain and noticeable stylistic shift that somewhat disregards its Gothic beginnings for a full-on golden age cinema revival, complete with a train robbery, more action-driven set pieces and less rumination on life-and-death.

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  • Mark Millar, Alan Moore Comics Hitting The Screen Soon


    Fans of the movies KICK-ASS and KINGSMAN will be excited to hear that two more of Mark Millar’s bloody comic book properties might be coming to a theater near you! That’s right: both AMERICAN JESUS and SUPERCROOKS have recently been optioned by Wayward Studios. It seems that Millar will be involved with both of the film’s adaptations as well, as development has seemingly stalled on his NEMESIS script over at Warner Brothers.

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  • “THE STUFF” (Blu-ray Review)


    It’s not entirely unimaginable that a college student could write a brilliant paper about THE STUFF for any number of elective courses necessary to earn a Communications degree. Sociology, advertising… But for all the very real American problems writer/director Larry Cohen addresses in the 1985 film—as he had done before and would continue to do afterward—the fact is that the man essentially made a truly fantastic hoot.

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  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes clip: Teddy scare in “KRAMPUS”


    Among the evil-toy minions of the anti-Claus in KRAMPUS, one of the most memorable is the monstrous teddy bear, and we’ve got an exclusive excerpt from the movie’s disc release revealing how it was created.

    In KRAMPUS, just out on Blu-ray and DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment, the teddy is one of a sack full of vicious playthings besieging a dysfunctional family on Christmas Eve, all under the sway of the legendary Yuletide demon (see our review here). Michael Dougherty directed the film from a script he wrote with Todd Casey and Zach Shields, and the cast is headed by Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner, Allison Tolman, Emjay Anthony and Conchata Ferrell. The complete list of disc extras:

    KRAMPUSEXCTEDDYCLIPNEWS• Audio commentary by director/co-writer Michael Dougherty and co-writers Todd Casey & Zach Shields
    • Alternate ending
    • Deleted scenes
    • Extended scenes
    • Gag reel
    • “The Naughty Ones: Meet The Cast”: At the center of this crazed story, filled with horrifying creatures and massive setpieces, are some of the funniest and most talented actors working today. This piece shines a light on the cast of KRAMPUS as they share their experiences making this movie
    • Galleries: Still Images from the set

    Exclusive to the Blu-ray:
    • “Krampus and His Minions”: In this exclusive feature, see how Krampus and his twisted underlings gave the visual-FX superstars at Peter Jackson’s New Zealand-based Weta Workshop some creative and technical challenges. Viewers will have an insider look at how Krampus and his evil minions were created and executed
    • “Practical Danger”: Stunt Coordinator Rodney Cook walks viewers through how the film’s thrilling stunts were done live on set while facing challenges with the creatures, children and set design
    • “Inside the Snowglobe: Production Design”: Filming almost entirely on soundstages in the middle of summer in New Zealand, the art department and special FX team had to pull out all of their tricks to create sets that were realistic, ready for stunts and practical FX, all while creating the look of a winter wonderland
    • “Behind the Scenes at Weta Workshop: KRAMPUS”: Go behind the scenes at the world-famous Weta Workshop to see how they brought the amazing KRAMPUS creatures to life
    • “Dougherty’s Vision”: In this featurette, director Michael Dougherty, along with the film’s cast and crew, reveal how his approach informed the tone, pacing, humor and performances of KRAMPUS

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  • Tom Savini, Marko Zaror & More Join “FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES”!


    While FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES has given Robert Rodriguez and his El Rey Network compadres the chance to expand and build upon the original film’s mythology, the program has also offered Rodriguez a chance to cast fantastic seasoned character actors in colorful, often-crazy roles. From Don Johnson to Esai Morales to William Sadler and even Danny Trejo, FROM DUSK THE DAWN: THE SERIES’ cast keeps accumulating badass cast members left and right. Now, El Rey Network has announced four new names joining FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES’ third season, including a few familiar faces to the Rodriguez canon!

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