• Exclusive pics, comments on 18-year-old filmmaker’s horror/fantasy “KING RIPPLE”


    Michigan native Luke Jaden is only 18, but he has already wrapped production on his fourth film, a postapocalyptic horror/fantasy called KING RIPPLE. We’ve got a batch of exclusive photos, plus comments from the filmmakers.

    KING RIPPLE is about four teenagers (Torrey Wigfield, Allie DeBerry, Jaden and Callaghan Belle) searching an urban wasteland for the mysterious title character (Keith Stanfield, 1st pic below). Jaden directed from a screenplay by Josh Malerman, whose novel BIRD BOX inspired a script by Eric Heisserer that wound up on both the Black List and the Blood List, and who also teamed with Jaden on the upcoming haunted-house feature NOT WELL. Jaden has a number of acting credits, but this is the first time he has both helmed and co-starred in a project. “As a director, you have to be behind the camera, paying attention to every little detail from a bird’s eye view,” he says. “But I just could not do that on this project. I had to get into character, look at and really study the script, and rehearse lines. On this one I decided to take a step back.

    “I had to trust my cinematographer and producers,” he continues, “and I told them before we started shooting that we were all going to have to work together in order to get across this tightrope blindfolded at a million stories high. They all believed in me when I was behind the camera, but when I was in front of it I had to really believe in them. So, making this film, I had to rely on a tremendous amount of trust.”

    Adds Michael Angelo Zervos, one of KING RIPPLE’s producing team, “Luke took a risk directing a film in which he was also expected to perform. The conditions of production were trying already, with near-freezing temperatures and all location shooting. Taking on this additional challenge could have broken a less driven individual, but Luke has never lacked the perseverance to succeed.” Completion of KING RIPPLE is scheduled for the middle of this year; see the movie’s Facebook page here.







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  • Exclusive Clip: An Undead Message from “WYRMWOOD”!


    For those who have long complained that the zombie genre is in need of a swift kick in the ass, Kiah Roache-Turner’s WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD may be what they’re looking for. A fun fright flick that pits ROAD WARRIOR-esque post-apocalypse survivors against the undead, WYRMWOOD has quickly become one of the more anticipated horror movies of the season. Now, the makers of WYRMWOOD have released a special message exclusively for the fearless fans of FANGORIA!

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  • Q&A: Alexandra Essoe on “STARRY EYES” and the Perils of Acting


    You have to admire an actress who can keep a clear-headed view of the Hollywood/casting machine, and who counts Andrzej Zulawski’s POSSESSION as a favorite film and inspiration. Both came into play when Alexandra Essoe took the starring role in STARRY EYES, which she discusses in this exclusive interview.

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  • Horror Anthology “HOLIDAYS” gets “TUSK”, “STARRY EYES” filmmakers


    Isn’t it crazy how much horror can change in just a few years? With so many talented people working inside the genre, the number of horror anthologies went from once in a blue moon to multiple per year in record time. And now, joining the ranks of V/H/S, HI-8, THE ABCs OF DEATH, TALES OF HALLOWEEN, XX and CHILLERAMA comes HOLIDAYS, which will bringing holiday-based horror back into the fright film fold.

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  • Stream to Scream: “INVASION” (2005)


    As many fright fans already know, FANGORIA offers a great selection of gruesome movies, old and new, for free at our Hulu channel. To give you a better idea of what’s available, FANGORIA is taking in-depth looks at some of the channel’s terrifying titles with Stream to Scream. Today: Albert Pyun’s gimmick-fueled extraterrestrial flick INVASION (2005).

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  • For Your Consideration: The Limited Release Horror Film Chainsaw Award Nominees of 2014!


    As loyal FANGORIA readers know, voting for the Chainsaw Awards is no easy task. However, sometimes even nominating films for the Chainsaw Awards is difficult, especially in 2014 when the pool of genuinely great independent flicks was as wide as it was. Yet in our choices, we had to include limited releases that truly made a mark on the staff and horror community as a whole, and even that task made us debate what films were genuinely considered “horror.” In any case, FANGORIA did eventually narrow the list to five fright flicks, which we want to present in a little greater detail below for your consideration.

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